Strong Customer Support Leads LATICRETE L&M to Maintain Local Ties in Pottstown Grand Opening

Pottstown, PA - There was a festive atmosphere on Laurel Street in Pottstown Thursday as LATICRETE hosted an open house for its new location. Among the invited guests were customers, local officials and some neighbors.

LATICRETE Inc., is a manufacturer of construction solutions for the building industry and specializes in products for tile and stone installation and care, masonry installation and care, concrete construction chemicals and concrete restoration.

The Pottstown location is a distribution facility for LATICRETE products and a distribution and production facility for the L&M Construction Chemicals product-line of LATICRETE. Shipments are sent from Pottstown throughout the northeast — as far west as Indiana and as far south as about Washington, D.C., according to Michael Sumecki, Laticrete’s regional operations manager — north.

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How to Install DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Pigmented Epoxy with Spartacote concrete coatings

Announcing DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier Pigment Base Epoxy for high moisture slabs

LATICRETE® is pleased to announce DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier Pigment Base — a single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied, 2-part epoxy coating specifically designed to control moisture vapor emission rate from concrete surfaces while providing a uniform and consistent base color to receive a SPARTACOTE® coating system.

As a product extension to the very popular and versatile SPARTACOTE family of products, DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Pigment Base allows for a quicker and easier SPARTACOTE coating systems installation by eliminating one pigment base coat, such as the black base coat for Metallic systems.

Mix DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Pigment Base with SPARTACOTE Epoxy Pigment available in 8 colors: Black, White, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Light Beige, Sand Beige, and Dark Beige.

DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy Pigment Base offers concrete contractors and installers:

  • Easy, simplified SPARTACOTE concrete coatings installation by eliminating one coat
  • Component of the LATICRETE 3 Year Decorative Finish System Warranty**
  • VOC Compliant – UL GREENGUARD Gold certified - can be applied in high profile job sites (hospitals, schools, etc.)
  • Reduces moisture vapor emission rate from =25 lbs/1000 ft2/24hr (1,415 µg/(s • m) to below 3 lbs/1000 ft2/24hr (170 µg/(s • m) in concrete slabs
  • Easy to use; easy to mix; on-site color dispersion system
  • 8 pigmented colors available: Black, White, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Light Beige, Sand Beige, and Dark Beige

DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy Pigment Base ships now!

To order, contact your LATICRETE Technical Sales Representative or call 203-393-0010 to find one near you.

Download DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy Pigment Base sell sheet PDF here.


New Construction Grocery Store comes to life with L&M FGS PERMASHINE Polished Concrete

Boyer’s Food Markets, with 17 locations in northeastern Pennsylvania, recently completed construction on its 18th store in the community of Birdsboro. The store is the first one the company has built from the ground up, and it features a number of functional qualities that make the environment more pleasant for shoppers and reduce maintenance for the owners. The building boasts approximately 32,000...

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The latest issue of Concretenews is here!

Inside this issue, you will discover:

  • Russ Kendzior of National Floor Safety Institute teaches us about polished concrete’s natural non-slip characteristics.
  • Phil McKeone of Daedalus Construction climbs atop The Contractor's Soapbox and discusses sealing and waterproofing horizontal, exterior concrete.
  • Is Polished Concrete a popular flooring solution in schools? Find out by reading the FGS PERMASHINE polished concrete project profile in Casper, WY. Special thanks to Freddie Gwynn of Polished Concrete of Wyoming and Shawn Weaver of Concrete Floor Systems out of Denver, CO.
  • Nebraska Concrete & Aggregate Evangelist Jereme Montgomery discusses the similarities and differences in the residential and commercial concrete markets. Take a guess at which one is more stringent and learn exterior concrete best practices for the residential market.
  • All-around concrete expert Bill Butler teaches us about residential options in decorative concrete.

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Durafloor TGA decorative concrete repair material revitalizes 20 year-old retail store floor for Under Armour

Read about how LATICRETE Durafloor TGA repair material for concrete surfaces rejuvenated an existing slab in 20 year-old retail store in Mall of America. Come learn about the surface prep, the mixing, placing, and polishing of the Durafloor TGA and see how it turns out.

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Durafloor TGA makes concrete repair look easy in Hudson Hospital new construction

The Hudson Hospital expansion project called for new administration and clinical wing construction, including hallways, lobby, waiting room, and stairs.

McGough Construction was the general contractor on the job. Concrete Arts, a decorative and polished concrete firm local to the Hudson, Wisconsin area, has had an existing relationship with McGough for years, and they hired on Tom Graf, owner of Concrete Arts, and his crew for their expertise in polished concrete craftsmanship and concrete design. The project scope included dyeing and polishing both new and existing concrete floors in the lobby, hallways and waiting areas, as well as creating and polishing structural stairs.

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Tipping floors found in waste transfer stations and MRF’s under attack

Tipping floors found in waste transfer stations and MRF’s undergo attacks that are extreme and unique to the solid waste industry. In fact, there isn’t a more abused floor than one found in this industry. The attacks come in three forms: abrasion, impact and chemical.

What doesn’t work.

Abrasion protection of a concrete floor is generally approached in a number of ways. A common method is to simply pour a sacrificial concrete floor slab, use it and then replace it after the surface has worn to the reinforcement steel. This process requires facility downtime and cost for a complete or partial floor replacement every few years or so.

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The latest issue of Concretenews is here!

In this issue, you will discover:

  • Dave Suchorski, P.E., of Ash Grove, teaching us what’s new in Portland cement and cementitious materials.
  • Jason Gonder of Cornerstone Construction stepping on top of The Contractor's Soapbox to discuss various concrete markets and projects.
  • The MJA Company’s award-winning, 200,000 sq. ft. FGS Permashine polished concrete project in Sydney, NY.
  • Nebraska Concrete & Aggregate Evangelist Jereme Montgomery educating us on changes in mix designs.
  • Concrete expert Bill Butler teaches us about finishing concrete for polishing.

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Congratulations to The MJA Company, FGS Permashine Installer on award-winning project

Congratulations to FGS Permashine installer, The MJA Company, out of Buffalo, NY, for their award-winning FGS polished concrete job at the Amphenol Aerospace facility. L&M’s FGS Hardener Plus and Joint Tite 750 were applied on 200,000 sq ft of polishing work.

Hanley Wood Concrete Construction awarded them the industrial polished concrete accolade.

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EmeryTop 400 Installation

Join Alejandro Luna, L&M's Sales Rep for Florida, and Corner Stone Construction Services, Inc., as they install EmeryTop 400 at Brevard County's Sarno Transfer Station in Melbourne, Florida.


Durafloor TGA, a polishable overlay wear topping

Durafloor TGA is a rapid setting, decorative polishable overlay wear topping used to resurface existing concrete surfaces. Use wherever you want an attractive, exposed aggregate, colored concrete floor, such as commercial lobbies, institutional floors, shopping centers, schools, and restaurants.


Award winning floor: L&M’s fgsPermaShine polished concrete at Gordon Food Service


Burgess Concrete Construction is a full-service concrete contractor. Burgess performs everything from footings in the ground to foundation stabilization to mix designs to placing concrete to polishing the finished product.

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Installing L&M's Aquapel, a water and salt repellent for concrete surfaces

Aquapel protects concrete from the damaging effects of water, road salts, and harsh deicing chemicals.

Watch L&M Regional Sales Manager, Kevin Cooper, install Aquapel here.


Check out L&M on YouTube!

We've been busy creating instructional videos for our concrete products. On L&M's YouTube channel, you will find How-To videos and recommended methods of installation of our concrete treatments.

Additionally, we've added our L&M YouTube channel to our Knowledge Base on's main navigation. You're never more than a click away from terrific concrete content. It is mobile-friendly and easily shared.

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FGS PermaShine Polished Concrete Floors Help Achieve Net-Zero Energy for LEED Platinum Classroom

There is a little sun worshiping going on at the Da Vinci School in Portland, Oregon.

The project team of this LEED Platinum registered school hopes to achieve both LEED Platinum certification and Net Zero Certification, which would be a first for both certifications for a free-standing school classroom in the United States.

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PRO-FILES: Field & Stream Durafloor HP Installation

Location: Cranberry Township, PA
Contractor: Concrete Resources
Total Sq Ft: 30,000 done in 3 Phases.
Existing substrate: approximately 25 years old.

Tuesday - Surface Prep

  • Grind existing floor with 30 grit metal segment diamonds.
  • Vacuumed, broomed, and washed existing floor.
  • Placed 3/8” Terrazzo strips, anchored with Locktite caulk.

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L&M's FGS PermaShine Polished Concrete Floors Help Omaha North High School Win “Silver” LEED Award

Omaha-based Vrana Construction recently announced that Omaha North High School earned LEED 'Silver' certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The recently completed addition is the first facility in Nebraska to receive this certification under the LEED for Schools rating system, which was implemented by the USGBC in 2009.

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PRO-FILES: L&M's LionHard and Petrotex products in Caterpillar Visitors Center, Peoria, IL

L&M Construction Chemicals is featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Polishing Contractor magazine, showing L&M's LionHard and Petrotex products on the polished concrete floors of the new Caterpillar Visitors Center in Peoria, IL, which opened in October 2012. We are very proud of this project -- it proves the long-term relationship between Caterpillar and L&M Construction Chemicals strengthens with each new job.

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PRO-FILES: Project Profile: Manhattan Middle School, Boulder CO

FGS/PermaShine brings 40-year-old concrete floor back to life.

When Colorado based FGS Installer Shawn Weaver from Concrete Floor Systems met with Archtect Rebecca Greek, from OZ Archicture, Inc. and Tom Blahak, project manager from Manhattan Middle School, to explain the school's proposed floor rehab, Shawn knew this installation would be tough. More...

New: EmeryTop 400 Video Launched On YouTube

EmeryTop 400: The world’s toughest floor is now showing on YouTube.

No other type of concrete floor needs the degree of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, or chemical resistance as your transfer station tipping floor or heavy-traffic industrial floor.

EmeryTop 400 floors are the toughest floors in the world. This isn't hype. It's a fact, and we can prove it. EmeryTop 400 was developed for the solid waste industry's transfer station tipping floors.

Find out more about the World's Toughest Floor. Click the video button to watch EmeryTop 400.

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Stop Concrete Damage from rain, snow and salt with Aquapel.

Aquapel GUARANTEES Penetrating Protection against moisture, snow, deicers, chloride salts, and rebar corrosion.

  • Prevents concrete pitting
  • Prevents concrete popouts
  • Prevents concrete scaling
  • Prevents concrete spalling

Features and Benefits

  • Formulated to stop moisture and salt penetration.
  • Odorless/VOCcompliant formulation.
  • Ready-to-use, non-flammable, non-volatile, waterborne formulation.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Invisible, non-darkening.
  • No Film. Leaves surfaces breathable.


PRO-TIPS: Ironing out the wrinkles: Flat and level floors

The world may not be flat but concrete floors are becoming flatter, to the point of becoming "super flat."

Now there's new technology that tosses the ruler and lets you measure floor flatness with speed, precision, and incredible accuracy. More...

L&M Construction Chemicals is Proud to Support the Concrete Industry