Urethanes and epoxies may not be the answer to protect your concrete floors

What is your concrete floor really costing you?

Mark Schwietz, CCPR, CSI

Industry giants like General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Federal Express, IBP, Con-Agra, Costco and Home Depot, who spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on concrete floor maintenance, have discovered a more practical solution to a tough problem.

With the introduction of SEAL HARD to the construction industry, L&M Construction Chemicals delivers a new generation of concrete floor protection. In keeping with the L&M tradition of innovative excellence, L&M has developed a concrete densifying, premium floor hardener and sealer that requires minimal maintenance, is extremely durable and gives concrete floors a beauty that improves with age.

Over the years, coatings have been used with mixed results. Urethane and epoxy sealers have a predictable history of marring, scratching, discoloring, peeling, and showing wear patterns in high-traffic lanes. Until now, owners have had little recourse but to schedule periodic reapplications of these products. Due to the competitive nature of most industries, it is increasingly difficult to schedule time to maintain these floors. With many large companies working around the clock, 6 and 7 days a week, working around sealers needing generally up to 1 week to fully cure before they can accept full traffic, as well as the potential exposure to annoying, if not toxic, odors associated with most of these products, indeed the problem is complex.

Owners have always been involved in the decision making process of their buildings and the maintenance thereof. A primary area of concern has been the performance and upkeep of their concrete floors.

SEAL HARD is a proprietary sealer, densifier, dustproofer designed to effectively reduce floor maintenance and eliminate dusting due to abrasion.

L&M assures you of its confidence in SEAL HARD with a solid 10-year, non-dusting warranty.

Owners are pleased with their lustrous, polished floors that continue to improve with age and the low-cost maintenance a SEAL HARD treated floor requires. While initially, being cost competitive with urethane or epoxy sealers, this product seldom requires re-application. The result: better performance and lower cost.

Through the years, SEAL HARD has frequently been used in new construction for manufacturing, warehousing, equipment and automotive storage, USDA/FDA facilities, post offices, sports arenas and cargo handling facilities

SEAL HARD can be applied to concrete within 7 days after concrete installation. Simple washing and scrubbing helps "buff" concrete and bring a just polished look to it.

Today, as environmental concerns are heightened through new, mandatory national VOC Compliance Standards, SEAL HARD (which contains no solvents) is rapidly becoming an industry- standard for retrofit and rehabilitation construction. There is no odor associated with the sealer, therefore, SEAL HARD can be installed without the familiar costly down time and loss of business to the building owner. Also, the fact that a SEAL HARD treated floor can be brought into service immediately after sealing is a significant advantage over urethane and epoxy coatings.

SEAL HARD leaves no film and will not alter the non-slip characteristics of the concrete finish. A SEAL HARD treated floor increases the light reflectibility because floors stay cleaner longer.

Since it is applied to hardened concrete and is compatible with shake-on floor hardeners and toppings, SEAL HARD can be part of a high-quality, floor protection system or it can be used, as most companies do, as a stand alone treatment.

Ideal for application to super flat floors in highly automated inventory buildings, SEAL HARD floors continue to look better and brighter with age and use....unlike coatings which scratch, mark, wear and discolor within a short period of time.

Of major concern to plant, warehouse, terminal and commercial floor managers is "near surface wear zone" protection. While past measurements of effectiveness relied on depth-of penetration, recent testing by CTL (Construction Technologies Laboratories) clearly demonstrated SEAL HARD's superior performance in protecting the top surface of concrete from heavy, repeated and abrasive use. This new standard by which concrete floor sealer performance is measured, stresses that unless the "near surface wear zone" is maintained over time, the concrete will suffer damage which will be expensive or impossible to repair without substantial investment and down-time.

Step up the quality of your concrete floors without increasing the cost. SEAL HARD is your answer for an effective floor sealer and hardener without all the mixing, safety concerns, environmental concerns and performance shortcomings. SEAL HARD offers substantial financial savings over conventional sealers and hardeners.

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