Seattle, WA

The "Cities Beneath The Cities"... home to the vast networks of underground catch basins, manholes, sewer basins, for centuries were previously home only to thieves, criminals, vagabonds, lowly creatures of the night and the unwanted and unknown. In search of a better product, L&M's R&D crews entered this myriad of chasms and recently developed the "FASTRACK" series of products specially developed to satisfy the growing infrastructure "need" in the Seattle area. This regional need has quickly expanded nationwide as the premier product solution to be used anywhere concrete conduits connect into concrete structures such as underground vaults and catch basins....anywhere underground concrete piping connects to anything concrete.

The Engineers and Chemists at L&M developed FASTRACK 15 to be used for grouting in and around where these pipes enter the structures. Contractors love the product because of its fast set time, superior bonding capability, inherent, non-shrink nature and its ability to shape after set time for approximately one hour. Properly placed, FASTRACK 15 will outlast the harsh demands of daily infrastructure networks.

FASTRACK 15 is also being used extensively in new or existing manholes where a curved surface can be created to improve water flow in corners. Whether being used to repair or connect decades-old infrastructure systems, or newly-spec'd construction... FASTRACK 15 is easy to use and long lasting. L&M boasts ample inventories of the FASTRACK 15 product and can ship from one bag up to a truckload to meet your project deadlines.

-Bill Pavitt, L&M Sales Representative

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