Deke Rife C.M. "Deke" Rife, CDT, CSI, L&M Technical Instructor, National Accounts Manager

L&M can assure you that our products are at the cutting edge of today's technology. Our research and development team is already hard at work, using proven concepts with new technology to develop tomorrow's products.

"Sign Up For New Luncheon AIA Seminars From L&M"

L&M Construction Chemicals now offers either one or four-hour educational programs as part of its "Concrete Concepts".

The four hour program offers AIA learning units and we are also applying for the one hour program as well. In addition to the AIA Certification Program, we also offer education on non-shrink grouts, water repellents, liquid floor hardeners, densifiers and curing compounds.

These valuable and informative sessions are carried-out in a comfortable and informal luncheon session environment. Register by contacting Deke Rife at 1-800-362-3331, or your local L&M sales representative. I promise you won't go away disappointed.

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