Janell: L&M's First Truckload Buyer Builds For The Future

In 1968, dads Larry Schwietz, the Founder and President of L&M Construction Chemicals, and Jack and "Nellie" Roth, President and owners of Janell, Inc. were trying to teach their kids the ins and outs of the concrete construction chemical business. Larry and Jack knew from the beginning that they both thought alike and shared common values: "We weren't order-takers,.we were sales people, and we both wanted to do a better job in offering our customers a wider range of products for their jobs"..said Larry Schwietz. "Eventually Greg and Andy grabbed the baton and ran to new levels....we learned from our kids too! It wasn't always easy though".

Over thirty years later, sons Greg Schwietz and Andy Roth carry-on that simple philosophy of relationship-building and earning the trust from their customers over a long period of time. "We understand each-others' businesses"... said Andy Roth, "We share in the ups and downs of both sides of this business. Sometimes we don't always agree on everything but, over the long haul, we've gained an immense respect for each other...a respect that's built because of honesty and consistency".

Second generation Janell principal employees include; Andy's Brother, "J.R.", Branch Manager, Erlanger, Kentucky; sister, Peggy Sullivan, Accounts Receivable and Finance Manager in Erlanger and sister, Jody Crane, Advertising and Corporate Marketing Manager. Within the L&M arena, Larry's son Greg is the President of L&M and son Mark is Southwest Regional Sales Manager, and National Specifications Manager.

L&M and Janell have continued this 2nd generation partnership in four markets and six different locations from Ohio to Kentucky. Janell is the exclusive distributor in this region and has had phenomenal growth in recent years. "We've doubled our business over the last five or six years said Roth....A big part of our success can be attributed to the on-going relationship we enjoy with L&M". Janell earned the title of "Distributor Of The Year" in 1998.

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