L&M honors this year's technical training school graduates: always leaving better equipped.

Graduating Class, April 2001, Omaha: Front row from left to right: Gary Muller. J&A Sales, Jerry Churray, L&M, Pete Glodowski, Lance Const, Peter Paw, M.J.A Co, Ernie Zambrano, Lance Const. Gary Weber, Praire Rose Const.Supply, Marc Abels, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Brent Ferguson, Premier Supply, Bob Sebesta, A-R Chambers, Rick Branden, Janell, Inc, Middle row left to right: Collin Stangeland, Prairie Rose Const.Supply, Sheila Reller, Prairie Rose Const. Supply, Vicki Lundy, Construction Materials, Tom Hillman, Parsons Equip, Scott Wilson, Parsons Equip, Dan Roth, Parsons Equip, Brian Scheetz, Florock Midwest, Brian Chorley, GM Supply Co, Joseph Rugsdale, Allied Bldg. Prod, Ken Carpenter, Allied Bldg. Prod, Back row left to right: Mike Nesvig, Prairie Rose Const. Supply, Jim Wieck, J&A Sales, Joe Pritasil, Lance Const, Gene Frazier, Janell, Inc, Jim Martin, Protective Industrial Flooring, Inc, Chris Wehri, Prairie Rose Const. Supply, Ron Mumm, Ready-Mixed Concrete Co, Mark Rushlau, Ready-Mixed Concrete Co, Ben Underwood, AR Chambers, Mike Scribner, Stoneway Const.Concrete, Don Richey, Straight Line Concrete, Phil Smith, L&M

Deke Rife
C.M. "Deke" Rife, CDT, CSI
L&M Technical Instructor,
National Accounts Manager

L&M Construction Chemicals successfully graduated 52 attendees in two, separate schools as part of our Distributor training schools educational program. An "accelerated" course held in Portland, Oregon on March 22-23 graduated 18 attendees and an "advanced" school held in Omaha, Nebraska graduated 34 attendees during the April 4-6 school.

I want to thank all the alumni for their enthusiastic response to the schools. As always, L&M's goal is to bring all the attendees up to speed on the new happenings in the concrete industry and inform them of new product changes where applicable.

I appreciate the numerous suggestions and comments during the schools. Those of us at L&M who structure these informative sessions, appreciate and continue to use your feedback to constantly improve and adjust the curriculum to make sure the school is filled with "fresh" information.

Again, I'd like to congratulate all the recent graduates. I am sure that you will all benefit from a few days of eating, learning, asking lots of good questions and of course, going away with an insight on product knowledge.

L&M also offers 1, 2 and 4- hour seminars that carry AIA learning units for those interested A/E firms you may be working with. These valuable and informative sessions are carried-out in a comfortable and informal luncheon session environment.

For more information about basic concrete and technical schools, contact Deke Rife at 1-800-362-3331, or your local L&M sales representative.

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