Concrete Cracking: How to control it. How to live with it.

The long-followed practice of saw-cutting interior floor slabs has solved one problem: random cracking. But a more serious, long-term problem develops when control joints are left untreated.

Byron D. Hanson
ASTM, CDT, Lead Technical Back-up, Professional Field Representative,
Civil Engineering Technician, L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

Saw-cut joints, better known as Control Joints are joints placed in a concrete floor to control or avoid an irregular cracking pattern the floor will naturally suffer if allowed to crack on its own. While joints are necessary, they also contribute to ongoing floor problems when not maintained properly. When floor joints are left open, they collect dirt and debris. More importantly, exposed joint edges are vulnerable to a steady attack from operational wheel traffic.

High-volume wheel traffic destroys the original joint edge by rolling over the edge and crushing the vertical face into the open void of the joint. The small collapse of the edge is followed by more traffic and more destruction and the damage continues. Eventually, the joint becomes a "pothole" and the daily operational wheel traffic suffers in speed and safety.

Early maintenance and protection are the best
Interior concrete joint deterioration has been minimized for existing and new concrete floors with the advent of L&M Joint Tite 750. After one to three new floor joints can be filled and the floor can be back in use in an hour or less. Existing floor joints in older floors can be filled or repaired and the floor returned to use in the same, short time frame.

Joint Tite 750 is a self-leveling, two component rapid setting, polyurea joint filler. The unique properties of rapid setting and polyurea toughness make Joint Tite 750 the joint filler of choice for Engineers, Owners, Contractors, and Applicators even for cold storage floors operating at minus 20-degrees Fahrenheit.

Joint Tite 750 is recommended for repair of cracks, damaged control joints and for protection of new construction joints. Food processing, industry and manufacturing benefit from Joint Tite 750 filled floor joints. Warehouse floors and distribution centers have derived superior concrete joint performance with Joint Tite 750, preserving their floors around the joints.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE... Joint Tite 750 repairs floors in an hour or less.

Joint Tite 750 is odor free and hardens in just minutes. This durable joint filler can be quickly trimmed and the floor returned to service in an hour or less. Available and packaged for small repairs and large projects alike, Joint Tite 750 meets most owners needs.

Always protect your joints with Joint Tite 750....A "pinch" of Joint Tite 750 protection up front will save your floor from damage, deterioration and problems in the long run!

Home Depot store in west Omaha, NE protects its joints with Joint Tite 750
Joint Tite 750 protects concrete from edge spalling damage, installed with 2-part pump
Joint Tite 750 easily being trimmed minutes after installation
Joint Tite 750 after placement and trim on "random" repair

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