Is the weather causing problems with your slab?

E-Con is commonly used as an aid to control rapid moisture loss, to minimize stickyness and surface wind crusting. While increasing the working time of fresh concreate in hot, dry weather, it also helps in the placement of lower water-cement ratio concrete mixes.
Mark Schwietz, CCPR, CSI
Southwest Regional Sales Manager,
National Specifications Manager
L&M Construction Chemicals

The hot weather is here and with it comes all the problems inherent with inadequate curing. Placing concrete in direct sunlight, low humidity and high winds can cause major problems with the finished concrete job. Rapid moisture loss can cause cracking, crazing and strength loss.

The importance of protecting the concrete during and after placement can not be understated. Concrete contractors across the globe have discovered the invaluable worth of the evaporation control agent, E-Con. It is commonly used as an aid to control rapid moisture loss, to minimize stickiness and surface wind crusting. It also helps in the placement of lower water-cement ration concrete mixes.

Don't kid yourself, quick fixes don't work
The problem with adding water at the site, either to the concrete mix or as a lubricant during floating and finishing, is that it increases the water-to-cement ratio at the surface and thereby reduces concrete ultimate strengths. Adding water also can weaken the concrete surface, reducing its abrasion resistance and making it more porous. All of these add up to one common problem: Concrete with cracking and crazing problems...and low durability

Enter E-Con....The friend to any cement finisher! E-Con is your answer to plastic shrinkage cracks and surface crusting. E-Con is a concentrated odorless liquid that, when sprayed on fresh concrete, forms a thin, one-mil continuous film barrier that prevents the premature and rapid loss of moisture from the concrete surfaces. E-Con is designed for use on normal concrete, silica fume concrete, shake-on hardeners, toppings, rapid hardening cements and mortars. L&M's E-Con protective shield usually lasts as long as the concrete remains plastic. The product contains a pink fugitive dye that disappears upon drying and is compatible with all subsequent membrane forming curing compounds. Caution: E-Con is not a cure. Concrete treated with an evaporation retardant must still be properly cured.

Solves more than just plastic shrinkage cracks
E-Con can be applied with a conventional, hand pump or can be added to the onboard reservoirs found on major brand power trowels. Due to the slippery effect E-Con has on the surface of concrete, this protective film acts to actually lengthen the life of expensive power trowel paddles and pans...essentially saving you time, money and headaches on every front!

Don't leave for the job without E-Con
E-Con is economical too...Mixed 9-to-1 with water. E-Con protection costs less than a penny a square foot.

It becomes your economical Concrete Finisher's "insurance policy." Its bright pink color brings a welcomed sigh of relief from contractors on any concrete finishing job! E-Con is available at quality concrete products distributors nationwide.

- Mark

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