Long-Term Relationships and Personal Service Build L&M Business In Philadelphia


Left to right: Bill Gatti, Dave Morrison

"From our first used pickup truck and with one driver, L&M stood by us through the good and bad," said Bill Gatti, co-owner with Dave Morrison in The Gatti-Morrison Company.

"We now have seven trucks and drivers and a full customer service department and have had good, steady growth each year since we've been in business. The first relationship we had was with Larry Schwietz and is still alive and well today. Back in the early days, Larry stood by us through the thick and thin and welcomed us aboard back in 1992 when we started Gatti-Morrison...there's been some up's and down's over the years, but it's been a win-win supplier-distributor situation every since! We have a great relationship with Greg...and we're able to easily work-through just about any problem that arises."

Bill also stated; "We also rely heavily on Vic Scotese, our L&M Regional Manager, To keep us on line with tracking the projects, working with the specifiers and making sure we get L&M product when it's needed. We have a great day-to-day working relationship with Vic...and look forward to doing business with L&M for decades to come."

Co-owner Dave Morrison also commented; "It's been a good decision for L&M to open a plant in eastern Pennsylvania....we can get just about everything we need, it's only about 15 minutes away from our offices. We pretty much purchase about all of L&M's product line for our general concrete customers. Gatti-Morrison also caters to the bridge and highway DOT work contractors, as well as slab and wall, cast-in-place concrete contractors."

Left to right: Michelle Czerpak, Sue Marazzi, Kristy Joe Shoemaker, Vic Maggitti, Vic Maggitti III, J.R. Jablonski

Vic Maggitti Jr., founder and owner of VIMCO reminisces back as far as the early 1960's with fond memories of his relationship with Larry Schwietz, then President of L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

"For literally no reason at all, every so often, Larry would send my wife a thoughtful wicker basket....a virtual cornucopia full of goodies for all of us to enjoy." He continued by saying, "Larry was not only a great chemist...the was also a darned good salesman as well! When Larry would sit long enough to think...he would write us touching letters of appreciation and friendship for the business we gave L&M." He continued by saying, "Larry knew the importance of relationships....he and my family seemed to hit it off from the start!" Vic referred to Larry in retrospect by saying, "In my eyes, Larry is a clone to Pat Croce, the current general manager and positive turnaround influence of the 76'ers sports organizations." "Coach Larry Brown, under the direction of Pat Croce, brought the 76'ers out of their 5-year slump, and brought pride and enthusiasm back to Philadelphia sports fans. Larry Schwietz has Pat Croce's contagious, positive energy and enthusiasm for building relationships and getting the job done! Larry and Pat are two of my all-time heros and mentors."

Vic Maggitti continued by commenting, "Larry so much wanted his eldest son Greg to register for a crash course in the concrete construction business, that he enrolled him to stay the summer in 1967 at my mom and dad's home between Greg's junior and senior year of high school." He added, "Greg worked at VIMCO and was immersed in about every conceivable area of the concrete business you can imagine. Greg worked hard, but at the end of the day, he was also fed well by my Italian mother with her unbelievable cooking, hugs, kisses and food-family-and fun personality." He added, "I think it was good for Greg to witness a lot of this Italian passion in the understanding of the concrete business." In the more recent years (following Greg's "baptism by concrete") at the VIMCO headquarters, Greg and the crew at L&M have continued this valued relationship.

Vic Scotese
L&M's Regional Manager, Vic Scotese is responsible for the Southeast Pennsylvania territory of distributors. Vic is just minutes away from helping to solve your concrete construction questions. Readers wanting more information on Gatti-Morrison or VIMCO, can call Vic Scotese at 1-800-524-9916, or call VIMCO direct at 610-768-0500. Readers wanting to contact Gatti-Morrison direct can call (610) 992-9700.

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