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Concrete Concepts class in Omaha, NE
Concrete Concepts is a four-hour program that allows the attendee to receive four learning units/hours of credit from the American Institute of Architects. Concrete Concepts is L&M's most in depth study of the basic laws and rules that govern the relationship between cement, aggregates and water that makeup concrete. Also discussed is the effect of flyash, silica fume, and plastic fibers on hardened and plastic concrete. In addition there is a discussion of how chemical admixtures work with cement to improve concrete. Other topics under study are air entrainment, common concrete problems and rules of thumb for concrete. The section on portland cement discusses different types of portland cements. This program is a four-hour program which allows for a more in depth development of the subject matter than does our one-hour Concrete Basics program or our two hour Concrete Fundamentals program. In addition to the concrete and portland cement sections, superflat floors are discussed. In this discussion, F numbers are defined and the rules for obtaining measurements are given. Also discussed are the finishing techniques that are required to produce a superflat floor. Concrete Concepts is fact filled, fast paced program presented using the power point format with an accompanying workbook. This program is designed to inform and educate the novice, experienced user of concrete and specifier.

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