L&M Teams With Seattle Distributor To Develop New, Innovative Concrete Repair Product

(L) Dave Alston, General Manager, Stoneway Concrete;
(R) Gary Berg, Manager, Stoneway Construction Supply
Stoneway Construction Supply Company, which serves the greater Seattle, Washington concrete construction markets, recently joined with L&M to develop a new line of concrete construction products.

Gary Berg, building materials manager for Stoneway commented, "Before we were aware of L&M, we weren't completely happy with our old vendors and wanted to revamp our product line. We contacted the L&M sales rep, Bill Pavitt, and learned more about the L&M line.

We quickly found out that their products and people were very good...we then made a major commitment to carry a more complete line of L&M products."

Shortly after L&M and Stoneway combined forces, Gary Berg, Phil Smith, L&M's resident engineer, and Stewart Wood, L&M lab chemist, teamed-up to develop a new product for Stoneway's local contractors. Out of this effort L&M's FASTRACK products were born.

Phil Smith, L&M's brains behind the development of this product says this about FASTRACK, "The important break-through technology in FASTRACK is something we call its "soft-set" characteristics. We have designed these products to take an initial, firm "soft set" in either 5 minutes (FASTRACK 5) or in a less hectic 15 minutes. (FASTRACK 15). After the initial set, each product retains the ability to be trimmed and shaved for over 30 minutes. This soft-set feature makes this product stand out because it saves our contractors money by allowing an easier, fail-proof installation. Reduced product waste and improved finishability are the important benefits to our customers with these products."

Even in tight conditions, Fastrack's soft-setting features allow the contractor up to 30 minutes to finish.
"The local contractors needed more than just a simple concrete repair material," says Berg. "The prime contractor, Northwest Construction/Kenney J.V. needed a highly specific, cementitious repair material to join the vast series of concrete conduits currently being installed within the Seattle area."

Gary Berg further elaborated on the current project they are working on, "The South Seattle Waste Water Interceptor Project is a huge waste water conduit project spanning over 5 miles. The large 9-foot-diameter concrete segmented pipes of this project connect Seattle's main waste water infrastructure pipes... and demanded tight specifications." He added, "Stoneway was very pleased to work with L&M on developing this product.... It is my firm belief that FASTRACK exceeds the expectations of both our local contractors and our engineers."

The large concrete sections of the wastewater conduit are connected with FASTRACK products. First, a bonding slurry using L&M's "Everbond" with "FASTRACK" is painted on the connection to be set. Following this bonding primer either the "5" or "15" Fastrack products are then placed to close the joint. FASTRACK 5 is used always on the vertical and overhead applications, while either 5 or 15 are used on the horizontal installations. Berg said, "Our contractors like the quick mixing characteristics and the quick set times...They tell me that they can always count on this L&M product to perform consistently...time-after-time!"

Fastrack reduces contractor installation costs in filling vertical connection pockets of concrete conduit
Bill Pavitt, the Northwest regional representative for L&M, offered his insights into reason why there is such a contractor demand for FASTRACK products, "The different setting times work out well for the contractors. Most of our contractors start with the 15-minute set product. After working with the product for a while they become more comfortable with the faster setting FASTRACK 5 because they soon find out that each product can be trimmed and finished for up to 30 minutes. The appearance looks good and the finished product is very durable."

Berg summarized, "FASTRACK was developed because it first filled a definite need in the market and secondly because L&M had a good rep who listened to our needs and got the whole process started with the L&M lab. Phil Smith and Stuart Wood were very instrumental in getting this product off the ground. Phil and Stuart ...didn't rest until everything worked and everyone was happy!"

Since 1928, Stoneway has serviced the concrete construction industry in the Seattle-Bellevue Washington area. Don and Gary Merlino purchased Stoneway in 1985 as a supply division of Gary Merlino Construction Company.

In addition to FASTRACK, Stoneway carries a full line of L&M grouts, patch materials, chemical floor hardeners, curing agents, sealers, form coatings, joint repair and protection compounds, evaporation control, and water repellents.

For more information on Stoneway Supply, you can reach Gary Berg by calling Stoneway Supply at (425) 226-1000 or e-mail gberg@stonewayconcrete.com.

L&M Rep Bill Pavitt can be reached directly at (425) 562-6076 or e-mail at res03gcp@gte.net.

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