Structural Grout Program
L&M Adds One-Hour Structural Grout Program To Their Existing Curriculum

STRUCTURAL GROUT (L&M's Newest Program) is a one-hour program that allows the attendee to receive one learning unit/hour of credit from the American Institute of Architects. Covered topics include:

  • Characteristics that a non-shrink grout must have in order to perform effectively as a load transfer medium
  • Types of cementitious and epoxy grouts available for the structural grouting of equipment and machinery
  • The latest specs from ASTM
  • State of the art technology from ACI, mixing, placement, forming, field testing, product selection and much more!

CONCRETE CONCEPTS: (4 hours) is our most in-depth program covering the course material in Concrete Fundamentals in even greater detail as well as an additional section on super flat floors.

CONCRETE FUNDAMENTALS: (2 hours) program covering the same material as Concrete Basics but in greater detail and with an additional section on ad-mixtures.

CONCRETE BASICS: (1 hour) addresses the interaction of materials used in concrete.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), under its Continuing Education System (CES), has recognized L&M Construction Chemicals as a registered passport provider. Each classroom program is designed to inform and educate the novice and experienced user/specifier of these materials about their properties. All programs are fact-filled and fast-paced, using the PowerPoint format with an accompanying workbook.


Under the provisions of the AIA (CES), L&M's programs are accredited based on contact hours. Many holders of professional engineering and architectural licenses have found these programs helpful in meeting the professional development hour requirements for license renewal.

For more information, contact L&M (1-800-362-2331).

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