Concrete Central- Grand Rapids Staff: (Starting from bottom row left to right then top row left to right) Kirk Doyle, Sarah Geoghan,Kathy Bibler, Tito Quiles, Heidi Hammersmith, Stacey Ming, Cliff Wesley, Joe Tasior, Daron Keiffer, Allan Kieda, Matt McConnell, Jesse Olmsted, Luis Gonzales, Gary Baumer, Pete Ludwig
Concrete Central
Whether it's five gallons of Dress & Seal or an entire truckload of Crystex Grout, Michigan distributor relies on L&M to deliver the goods.

Matt McConnell, one of the three principals of Concrete Central, recently commented, "Sure, we keep a pretty wide range of L&M products on hand, but we recently needed a whole truckload of L&M's precision grout, CRYSTEX, delivered in just a couple of days to handle a major grouting job at a power plant in Zeeland, Michigan. It was an difficult job...a big job requiring the right product and the right contractor." He continued by saying, "After consulting with the contractor, we discovered that using the right grout was not the only challenge on this project. The job placement site didn't have any potable mixing water. After putting our heads together, L&M was able to help us conquer this obstacle. The CRYSTEX grout was successfully placed around the large steam pipes using a special wrap-around form, what we called a "diaper!" We really appreciate L&M's rep, Craig Jared, making sure we had product on time and for helping us support the installation!"

Matt also commented, "We also service L&M's approved applicator network with some fairly large warehousing projects and tons of L&M's "Seal Hard"...and provide our customers with many L&M products, including their grouts, Dress & Seal, floor hardeners, joint fillers and repair products."

Principals Matt McConnell, Dave Wilson and Pete Ludwig started Concrete Central in 1998 with just four employees, a delivery truck, a couple of customers and a lot of concrete construction know-how. Today, they have grown to over 20 employees with 42,000 sq. ft. of space and resources to handle the concrete needs of contractors throughout the state of Michigan.

"We're a lot like L&M in that we're relationship and service driven." Matt also commented, "We started out as a concrete forming specialist...and still do a sizeable forming supply business. Things have changed considerably since 1998. Today, almost 60% of our business has switched to product-related sales and we now service contractors throughout the state.

"We can thank Greg Schwietz, who stood by us in the lean, early years. We've had a great relationship from the beginning. We're a lot like L&M in that we're relationship and service driven. We've also found that when you surround yourself with people of the caliber of L&M's Craig Jared, Byron Hanson, Phil Smith and Al Fox will be successful."

To Contact Concrete Central:
Besides their main location in Grand Rapids, Concrete Central covers both ends of the state of Michigan with a second location near Traverse City, Michigan. You can contact Matt, Pete or Dave by calling (616) 475-8800, or e-mail Matt or Pete at or Their mailing address is 1301 Century SW, Grand Rapid Michigan, 49503. L&M regional sales manager, Craig Jared, can be reached directly at 800-524-9931 or e-mail him at

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