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L&M website updated with more content, more power and new "search booster"

The L&M Construction Chemicals web site introduced its enhanced content and new search capabilities on September 15, 2002. The site's homepage now offers content-rich information and a new, robust navigation tool making the contents of the entire site readily available at the click of a button.

L&M's site has been online since 1997, frequently expanding since that time. Having undergone several transformations and outgrown them, it was time for another. As Greg Schwietz, President of L&M said, "The information our site holds had grown to a point that even we were overwhelmed by it. It was time to reorganize and provide our users with a better 'portal' through which to enter."

Along with the new, categorized homepage and expanded product search function, L&M also reorganized the site's archives of Concrete News articles and Q&A sections. The Archive sections now provide content segmented into topics or categories, such as concrete Fundamentals and Product Profiles.

The site still offers a comprehensive product catalog, including MSDS and tech data sheets, case studies, an online version of Concrete News, up-to-the-minute weather, and live newsfeeds that cover the latest news in the construction and engineering industries.

L&M Construction Chemicals works closely with Cyberlaunch, their internet development company, to keep current with changing technologies and internet standards, as well as to enhance their site's usability on a continual basis. L&M is always interested in user feedback and suggestions to keep our web site one of the most respected websites in the industry.

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