FGS/PermaShine installer training seminar held in Chicago

After many years of research and development, L&M is proud to roll-out the new FGS/PermaShine floor system. L&M and Budget Maintenance recently sponsored a number of new FGS/PermaShine installer training seminars in Philadelphia and Chicago. Greg Schwietz, president of L&M, said at the opening statements, "The purpose of these schools is to train top quality installers nationwide to successfully implement the FGS/Permashine process. The school features a two-day, intense training session focusing on the full, turnkey FGS/PermaShine process, from "Ground-Zero" to the finished polished and hardened FGS/PermaShine floor. Training emphasizes classroom and floor demo sessions."

BACK ROW: Greg Schwietz. President, L&M, Lowndes Whatley, L&M, Dustin Mase, A&B Flooring, Brandon Mase, A&B Flooring, David Scurto, Scurto Cement, Wayne Ward, TRC, Bruce Van Wierun, Venture Specialty Products, Jim Martin, Protective Industrial Flooring, Matt Witt, Show-Me, Jeff Mitchell, PPS, Zak Pyle, Calidad LLC, Andy DeTienne, Floorcare USA, Chet Turowski, Calidad LLC, William Canary, DuraBond
MIDDLE ROW: Tom Wucinich, CRS, Ned Caldwell, L&M, Phil Smith, L&M, Dan Baird, Floor Tech, Beth Sproat, Venture Specialty Products, Bill Jones, Surface Dimensions, Dave O'Hair, Jobsite Supply, Ed Biggs, Surface Dimensions of Indiana, Bobby Turner, Peachstate Professional Services, Tim Coyne, TCS, John Jones, Budget Maintenance, Vic Scotese, L&M, Jesse Berry, JB Enterprises
FRONT ROW: John Wucinich, CRS, Brian Wade, Bran-Dev Coatings, Brandon Briley, Bran-Dev Coatings, Artuto Rosas, Show-Me Industrial Services-Archway Industrial Coatings, Chris Vinella, Surface Dimensions of Minnesota, Craig Jared, L&M, Steve Parker, Venture Specialty, Mike Grande, Floor Tech, Bill Willingham, L&M, Pete Molloy, Jobsite Supply

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