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Duke Concrete, from left:
Jim Davis, Sales Manager; Mindy Piper, Architectural Representative; Mark Scavone, Sales Associate; Gary Hukey, VP & General Manager.

"I really appreciate working with a supplier who makes great products and has the service and sales representation behind them," said Duke Concrete general manager Gary Hukey. "I was really impressed back in the early years with L&M that Greg and Larry Schwietz took the time to come up here and meet us. The meeting was really low-key, but sent us the message that L&M really cared about what we were doing here and wanted to support us. It was at a time in our business that their support meant a great deal to us. We've been partners ever since.

"We sell a lot of CRYSTEX premium, non-shrink grout. We decided long ago we were going to feature only CRYSTEX. We sell a lot to the paper mills up in this area. They demand a grout that will stand up to the punishment and vibration of mill machines running 3 shifts, 24/7. We could carry cheaper grouts, but CRYSTEX has never let us down and our reputation means everything. L&M's consistency of product is the same, bag after bag.

"Recently, we also have been selling a lot of sealer/hardeners, especially SEAL HARD and the new FGS PermaShine line. A lot of regional grocery stores, like Price Choppers, have been installing FGS floors on top of L&M's colored Quartzplate shake-on floor system in this area."

In fact, Duke Concrete carries the full line of L&M products, sealers, hardeners and water repellents. Located in upstate New York just north of Albany, Duke also manufactures and sells concrete block. Duke's parent company, The Fort Miller Group, owns five different construction-related companies: The Construction Products Division, Fort Mill Service Corporation (a concrete burial vault company), Anvil Fence Company, TyMetal Corporation (manufacturing commercial security gates and accessories), and of course, Duke Concrete.

Gary Nylen, L&M regional sales manager for the New England region, commented, "It's a pleasure to work with the people at Duke Concrete Products. They truly understand what it takes to bring new business to the table. Exceptional product knowledge, sales and service results in repeat business. The 'can do' attitude and great teamwork they provide make them a valuable asset for L&M Construction Chemicals."

For more information, contact Duke direct by calling 518-793-7743 or log onto their corporate website at www.fmgroup.com.

You can also reach L&M's regional manager in the New England and eastern New York area by calling Gary Nylen at 603-496-5239.

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