L&M's Lithuania Connection:

UAB "Betono Zona" Covers Eastern Europe

UAB "BETONO ZONA" Distributing Company, was founded by Gintas, a native Lithuanian who used to spend time on vacation in Cuba.

"The doorway into eastern Europe and Russia is of great interest to L&M," L&M president Greg Schwietz recently commented. "It is a gateway to the growing concrete construction market within the new European Union countries. Following over 50 years of government oppression, stagnant construction and fluctuating construction standards, today's rebuilding takes advantage of new access to quality of building materials.

"New construction and forward progress are happening over there today. Many UK and Western companies are currently establishing branches or investing in Eastern European businesses. For L&M, it's a great opportunity to invest in growing markets and to be there to provide them with quality concrete floors and concrete construction materials that hold up to US standards. We like to be where our owner-client customers are growing!"

UAB "Betono Zona" Distributing Company, was founded by Gintas Siauciunas, a native Lithuanian who used to spend time on vacation in Cuba. Gintas' family would travel to Cuba to visit their friends, mainly retired Soviet military officials.

Gintas Meets L&M

Seal Hard: 20,000 square meters, manufacturing facility.
Kaliningrad, Russia
Conctractor: UAB Plienas
Gintas' problem-solving skills served him well in becoming an L&M distributor. After a stint in the Soviet army, Gintas studied in the Baltic and earned his license as a European-trained scientist in the building trades. While traveling in southern Europe, Gintas discovered a beautifully done L&M Seal Hard floor. As a driven chemist and entrepreneur hungry for information, Gintas asked about the source of such a floor product. Gintas' host was not very forthcoming, only that it came from L&M in the United States.

Gintas took some entrepreneurial steps on his own to find the source, and was soon front and center with L&M International Sales Manager Deke Rife and Greg Schwietz, President of L&M, being qualified and established as an L&M distributor for the eastern European Union countries. The more Schwietz learned from Gintas, the more he liked the idea of investing in Eastern Europe.

Since those early days, UAB "Betono Zona" now stocks a full complement of L&M products and has successfully sold products throughout the European Baltic states, former Soviet Republic, Russia and Scandinavia.

The rest is history in the making.

UAB "Betono Zona" Distribution manufacturers and sells the L&M product line from its base outside of major port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania. To reach Gintas' email: gintasinjo@takas.lt.

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