Glacier Northwest staff from left to right: Jason Christner, Jeramy Wurzer, Zach Caine, and Lonnie Allen, General Manager proudly display L&M products that are building the great Northwest.

Nine years ago, Glacier Northwest General Manager, Lonnie Allen, sought to consolidate ten or eleven concrete building product lines into one major supplier.

Allen said, "At that time, we were doing some business with L&M, but it was pretty insignificant. One day Bill Pavitt, L&M's sales manager in my area, just happened to be in my office. It was perfect timing. I was ready for a change and Bill told me not to worry, he would handle it from here. Nine years later the L&M line is our mainstay. We have a great relationship with Bill and all the people at L&M."

Allen continued, "L&M goes a few steps further than what we were used to in the past from other manufacturers. We appreciate the fact that Bill and company give us in-depth product seminars and explain the best way to use L&M products. This saves us time and money with our customers, and effectively points out the features and benefits of their products. All of us appreciate the L&M website and the quick access to product information that we can find there. Their marketing is first class! We do some joint marketing with L&M and they include our customer mailing list in each of their Concrete News editions."

Allen also commented about what he calls L&M's "miracle products": Duracrete, Duragrout and E-Con. He said, "It seems there's just no way you can screw up with any of these products. They are very user friendly. We've got customers stamping over Duracrete with great results! They're using Duragrout for just about everything under the sun, and E-Con has bailed out a lot of our contractors finishing concrete out in the field."

Glacier Northwest is located in Vancouver, Washington. They are owned by TSAO Cement Company. They currently carry a full line of L&M sealers, bag products, Seal Hard, E-Con, Duragrout and Duracrete. Their Red-E-Mix plant in Centralia, WA also carries an expanded line of L&M stock.

You can contact Lonnie Allen at or call 360-896-8922

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