More than just marble and granite: "Natural Stone" supplying L&M concrete treatments to South Florida and the Caribbean.

Alex de Quesada was born in Cuba, comes from Venezuelan parents, and grew up in south Florida. After serving in the US Navy for 6 years, he was ready to discover firsthand the opportunities that awaited him. Alex had a quest to succeed and to build strong relationships. Nearly 10 years ago, he founded Natural Stone with business partner Francisco de Sousa. They quickly learned all there was to know about flooring materials and floor maintenance, specializing in polished marble, granite, and tile and floor maintenance products. Since then Natural Stone has grown rapidly to become one of the leading suppliers of stone and concrete floor products in Southern Florida and the Caribbean Islands, with a promising future also developing in South America.

The Natural Stone team (from left to right): Alex de Quesada, Edgar Luna: L&M Regional Sales Representative; Olga Pana, Romel Pana: FGS Installers)

Alex's connection with L&M began a few years ago during a World of Concrete Exhibit in Mexico City. While there, Alex met an old time friend and L&M sales representative, Edgar Luna. Alex shared with Luna his desire to expand his business by taking on a quality line of concrete construction chemicals and products. Luna introduced him to Greg Schwietz and the relationship began. Schwietz commented, "Alex has worked hard to bring L&M products into this vibrant and growing region. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Natural Stone. L&M will always work hard to make sure their customers are well serviced!"

Luna added, "Natural Stone carries a wide cross section of L&M products. Alex is extremely knowledgeable on all L&M products, especially floor products like the FGS PermaShine system and SEAL HARD. He and his outstanding customer support people have been to several L&M training sessions. Alex's enthusiasm and knowledge are putting him ahead of his competitors. He is bringing L&M products into the market with great speed. Alex works very closely with all of our FGS installers in the area. We are very happy to be working with him and his company."

Located in Miami, Florida, Natural Stone can be reached at 305-591-7713 or e-mail:
Edgar Luna can be reached at 954-803-0805 or email Edgar at:

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