Relationships, Problem Solving with L&M Products Drive Kris-Con's Customer Base!

“When concrete contractors in the Houston area think of concrete chemicals and repair products for their jobs…they go to Kris-Con Distribution. And when they go to Kris-Con, they buy the L&M line,” says L&M South Texas territory manager, Tom Barber. He continued, “Kris-Con has carved out an important niche in this ever-changing industry. They are the “go-to” company for L&M's concrete repair products and its full line of concrete curing compounds, floor hardeners and form treatments.”

Over the years, Gino Reyes, general manager of Kris-Con, has answered the phone many times and heard the plea, “Hey man!…We've got a real concrete problem!” Reyes knows he can now bail just about any concrete contractor out of a problem by recommending the use of a specific L&M product. Reyes said, “In the 21 years I've been in this business, I have come to rate products by how consistently and effectively they work. I feel that I can always count on L&M products to work…EVERY TIME! I also like the fact that I can count on L&M for rapid delivery, good technical service and that they stand behind their products…and have done so by helping some of our end-users!”

With Kris-Con it's all about service, relationships and two decades of “rescuing” concrete contractors out of whatever problem they have poured themselves into!

Kris-Con is truly the “Good Guy” in this industry.

Barber added, “Kris-Con has quickly become one of L&M's largest materials distribution outlets in the Texas area.

“Gino and company have carved-out a real niche business. They have elevated the concrete material supply business to a very high level of technical and service excellence and are well known and highly respected in this area as the 'problem solvers.' Anybody can push product…but Kris-Con has worked itself into a high service-oriented category and are up there all by themselves! They are the go-to guys in Houston.”

Gino had this to say about L&M’s technical presence in the Houston market, “The L&M regional rep is always there where and when we need him! I can't count the times he has pulled the proverbial rabbit-out-of-the-hat for us, working with the architects, engineers and contractors. In fact, recently Tom came to our rescue on a big below-grade pour on a high-profile job that went bad for one of our contractors. After consulting with our customer and the technical folks at L&M headquarters, Tom really saved the day for our customer by providing a low cost and effective repair solution using their excellent Duracrete surface repair product!”

In addition to carrying L&M's full line of products, Kris-Con also owns Kris-Con Rentals, a full-line concrete and construction equipment rental and sales company. Contact Gino Reyes and the fine folks at Kris-Con at their Houston office, phone 713-462-5470 or 800-259-1526.

L&M's fine South Texas representative, Tom Barber, can be reached directly at 281-733-6131.

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