Dallas Rapid Transit System Project | L&M Construction Chemicals, Crystex Grout

L&M CRYSTEX Grout Chosen for New $750 Million Dallas Rapid Transit System Project

Dallas Rapid Transit System Project | L&M Construction Chemicals, Crystex Grout
One of the Dallas Greenline terminals under construction
Dallas Rapid Transit System Project | L&M Construction Chemicals, Crystex Grout
Just a few of the hundreds of concrete support columns on the "Green Line" requiring L&M's high-performance Crystex Grout
Dallas Rapid Transit System Project | L&M Construction Chemicals, Crystex Grout
Easy to place and easy to trim makes L&M's Crystex the grout of choice for engineers and millwrights wanting the best load-bearing performance available!

The Dart Corporation has chosen L&M's CRYSTEX, high-performance, non-shrink grout to support the precast elevated rail pillars in its new "Green Line" rapid transit system project. Grout Tech, Inc. Dallas was the chosen installer to place the high-strength CRYSTEX.

The first phase of a 3-year rapid transit upgrade has 233 huge, cast-in-place concrete columns with pre-cast concrete caps. The "Green Line" phase is planning an opening for fall of 2009. The trimmable CRYSTEX grout will fill the void between the concrete columns and the top concrete caps…encasing the bolt sleeves. The project will cover over 14 miles of track with seven station terminals. Estimated total project cost is over $750-million.

The Greening of Dallas

Just as "green" is the color of growth, The Greenline is a symbol for all Dallas citizens for growth. Access to the north side of the city is on the move! The new Dart Rail Green Line will connect communities far and wide all the way from Pleasant Grove and downtown Dallas to Farmer's Branch and Carrollton.

In just a few short years, Dallas citizens will be able to ride the Green Line from their community to all their favorite work and play destinations. Whether they're headed to work downtown, Baylor, the Southwestern Medical District, or the Siemmons Corridor the completed Green Line will keep them all connected 24/7.

L&M Construction Chemicals is proud to be part of this meaningful growth in the city of Dallas!

Dallas Rapid Transit System Project | L&M Construction Chemicals, Crystex Grout

Project: Dallas Rapid Transit System
Project Type: Public Transit
Location: Dallas, Texas USA
Grout Installer: Grout Tech, Inc,
Project Owner: DART, City of Dallas
General Contractor: McCarthy Construction.
Specifying Engineers: Bridge-Farmer Assoc.
Grout Supplier: L&M Construction Chemicals
Project Specifications:
Total number of columns: 233
Type of columns: Cast in place concrete pillars with pre-cast concrete caps
Grout placed: Between the columns and the top caps
Total grout used per column: Approx 12 cubic feet
Total grout used: ¼ million pounds
Grout specified and installed: L&M CRYSTEX High-performance, Non-shrink Grout

L&M Texas Regional Sales Manager:
Mike Tucker (214)415-6170


Non-Shrink, Non-Metallic, Precision Structural Grout

Product Description: CRYSTEX is a long work time, ready-mixed, high strength, highly fluid, controlled expansion grout with superior dynamic load stability.

CRYSTEX contains a balanced blend of washed and graded aggregates, portland cement, plasticizing agents, and a proprietary shrinkage compensating system, which guarantees controlled positive expansion in all directions. The positive expansion remains constant throughout the life of the grout. CRYSTEX is scientifically proportioned and ready for use at any consistency from plastic to fluid.

Unique Properties: CRYSTEX provides unique placement properties of extended flow and long work time. Over 60 minutes of "work time", facilitates placement of a superior performing grout in the most unfavorable of placement conditions. Extended placement time is important in many cases, including: high-temperature applications, difficult to reach cavities, installations by grout pump, base plates with lateral shear keys, and large grouting cavities that require continuous placement of over one hour.

Basic Use: CRYSTEX is used where precision, nonshrink, high-strength, structural grout is required, such as: heavy equipment machinery bases, crane rails, pump and equipment bases in power plants, steel and paper mills, sewage treatment plants, keyways, bed plates where heavy repetitive loading occurs, anchor bolts and dowels, structural steel columns, bearing plates, load bearing masonry walls, light poles and highway signs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long-work time, easy placement.
  • High strength.
  • Can be mixed at a wide range of consistencies.
  • Dynamic load stability.

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