Boise Art Museum: Concrete News Project Profile

When Ron Walker, Chief Preparator and Project Manager for the new sculpture gallery project set out to design and plan the floor system, they wanted a one-of-a-kind look for this notable facility. The floor had to look rich, but not too distracting as to take away from the exhibits focus. It had to be durable, but not high maintenance. It had to be safe to walk on, even when wet. Most of all, it had to make a subtle, yet elegant statement for each repeated exhibit no matter what artistic media was involved. Ron met with FGS installer, Bob Haggerty from the Boise area to find out if it was all possible.

Ron commented, "We sort of knew what we wanted, but I had to see for myself what kind of magic Bob had done in the past. I had heard about his work, but wanted to see some of the more 'artistic' FGS jobs he had completed. The main part of the building we occupy was actually built in 1937 by WPA workers for the city of Boise. It has had three additional concrete expansion pours over the years (the last one in 2001). That last pour had a black integral color added to the mix design. This last pour produced the sculpture court. Bob did wonders to enhance this 10-year-old concrete floor using a #1500 final grit. It brought out some of the original aggregate, but left the rich black color in the broad areas. Everyone really likes our new FGS floor. We have heard many positive comments from staff and visitors alike since the installation."

Boise Art Museum: Concrete News Project Profile
Even the floor is a work of art at The Boise Art Museum

Boise Art Museum: Concrete News Project Profile

Bldg. Name
Boise Art Museum
Boise, Idaho
Building Constructed
Original building built in 1937. Sculpture exhibit in 2001
City of Boise, ID
Floor responsibly
Ron Walker. Project Manager, Chief Preparator
Areas FGS
Sculpture Court Gallery
FGS Certified Applicator
Bob Haggerty, President Haggerty Flooring, Boise, ID
L&M Regional Manager
Emilio Bengoa
Approx. Sq. Footage
2,800 sq. ft. w/integral black stain

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