Clay Fischer, CEO of Woodland Construction Company New President of the ASCC

ASCC 2011-12 Member Contractors Benefit From Clay Fischer's Leadership and Construction Wisdom

By Jim Vlcek

Clay Fischer, CEO of Woodland Construction Company New President of the ASCC

Clay Fischer

ASCC President

In a ceremony at the last World Of Concrete show, Clay Fischer, CEO of Woodland Construction Company, was voted the new president of the ASCC. Fischer comes aboard the organization with a wealth of experience in the industry. In an interview with this editor, Fischer talked about the ASCC and how he thinks his role as current president can aid other concrete contractors.

Jim Vlcek (JV): Clay, following your appointment as President of The ASCC, what is the main thing you'd like to focus on during your term?

Clay Fischer (CF): "Periodically, the ASCC does a strategic plan for moving the society forward. We have been very successful at accomplishing that goal with an eleven member task force which includes Bev Garnant, our Executive Director. This task force is comprised of a diverse cross-section of contractors from the concrete industry with a wealth of experience and knowledge in various fields including decorative, repair, and equipment manufacturing. Our strategic plan is to further expand on ASCC's educational and training programs, our technical effectiveness as an organization, and the promotional effectiveness of the ASCC brand.

The ASCC membership contains some of the best concrete contractors in the world and we are a force to be reckoned with. Our goal is to work with code and specification writers to help clean up problems that plague our contractors and improve our overall industry."

JV: How many members do your now have in the ASCC?

CF: "Our membership is now up to around 480 active members. It comes from all over the US as well as other countries such as Canada and New Zealand."

JV: Last year when I interviewed your predecessor, Paul Albanelli, I heard a lot about ASCC's e-mail forum. Tell me how this program is evolving and where you think it will go during your term as president.

CF: "This program is doing extremely well and has become one of our best member benefits. It has grown steadily each year. Almost every day, I receive two or three forum questions in my e-mail, ranging from business practices, concrete and finishing, material, name it. There are about 200 members in the forum from a broad cross-section of the industry, which means there is a lot of extremely useful knowledge out there that can be shared with all the members. Almost any question that comes up on the forum is answered by at least one person and often multiple people who have had the same issue at one time or another. It's a great resource knowing that someone has run across a similar concrete problem or application before and can help.

JV: Can you elaborate on how the ASCC 'Management Information Exchange' (MIX) group program works for the members?

CF: "Essentially it is a group of non-competing, geographically diverse contractors that have formed a peer group. They hold rotating meetings at their places of business to share some of their business practices, technical capabilities, personnel issues…anything to help each other do a better job with their business. The group can discuss some pretty delicate issues so there has to be a lot of trust and respect for one another. There are about 13-14 active groups, each with 5 to 8 people. Again, there has to be the right chemistry for the group to work.

JV: How has the ASCC personally helped you and your company over the years?

CF: "I can truthfully say that without those whom I have met and what I learned by being an ASCC member, Woodland Construction would not be where it is today and I would have missed out on making some great and long-lasting friendships."

JV: What do you feel you can do to personally help other members?

CF: "We have instituted so many programs and benefits for our members that I think many members may not be aware of all ASCC has to offer. The biggest thing I can do is help them know what is available to them through their membership."

JV: What are your major responsibilities as the new president and what is your personally favorite reason for being an ASCC member and president?

CF: "ASCC has a terrific staff which helps make the president's job a lot easier than it used to be.

My main responsibilities are making sure our strategic plan keeps moving forward, membership on the Executive and Administrative Committees, chairing our board meetings and writing the dreaded monthly 'Presidents Message' column for our newsletter. As far as my favorite reason for being an ASCC member, it's all about the people."


Woodland Construction Company
Clay Fischer

Clay Fischer is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Woodland Construction Company, one of the leading concrete and tilt-up contractors in the country.

Woodland Construction Company, based in Jupiter, Florida, was incorporated in 1987, and presently has about 150 employees. Since its inception Woodland has constructed over 60 million square feet of concrete buildings and over 450,000 tilt-up panels. Building types include educational facilities, warehousing, distribution, industrial plants, parking structures, multi story office buildings, retail, auto dealerships, religious facilities and housing. Woodland has received numerous awards for both their construction projects as well as their business practices.

Clay Fischer, CEO of Woodland Construction Company New President of the ASCC
Bev Garnant
ASCC Executive Director

From the ASCC Executive Director

Bev Garnant:

The ASCC now has three Councils that provide special, focused opportunities for members in particular interest groups. While falling under the direction of the broader ASCC board, they each have their own board of directors, with programs and subcommittees as they deem appropriate. The first was the Decorative Concrete Council, formed for those working in the area of decorative concrete. This Council has sponsored specialized seminars and demonstrations at a number of events, showing amazing examples of cutting edge decorative concrete work.

For more about joining the ASCC, go to

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