Floor Owner: City of Boulder, Colorado School District

L&M/FGS Installer: Concrete Floor Systems

Concrete Floor Systems Spokesperson: Shawn Weaver, Owner-Estimator

Floor Systems Project Manager: Tom Blahak, Manhattan Middle School

Spec from Architect: Rebecca Greek, “OZ” Architecture, Inc.

Total Project Sq. Footage: 23,000sq. ft. (85% Old, 15% New Concrete)

Building/Floor Location: Boulder Valley, Boulder, CO

Purpose of Floor: School (EDU)

Color: Multi-Color L&M Vivid Concrete Dyes (See Photos)

Type Of Concrete Floor: 85% of Total Sq Ft. was 40-Yr. Old Concrete with Previous Asbestos-Backed Tile with Heavy Mastic, Requiring Licensed Asbestos Abatement Specialists

L&M's FGS PermaShine system is a licensed, patented, dry concrete floor polishing and rejuvenation system that is available exclusively through L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc and its selected network of applicators.

For more information on the FGS PermaShine concrete floor rejuvenation system contact L&M Construction Chemicals at 800-362-3331 or visit their website at www.lmcc.com

Our floor specialists can explain the unique features and benefits of this exciting option, which makes your new or old concrete floors look better than new.



FGS PermaShine brings 40-year-old concrete floor back to new life at Boulder, CO School


When Colorado based FGS Installer Shawn Weaver from Concrete Floor Systems met with Archtect Rebecca Greek, from OZ Archicture, Inc. and Tom Blahak, project manager from Manhattan Middle School, to explain the school's proposed floor rehab, Shawn knew this installation would be tough. First, there was a large area of 40-year-old concrete with asbestos-backed tile that had to be professionally abated. Then, there was a layer of four decade old mastic that had discolored deeply into the underlying concrete. After repeated grindings, the checkerboard mastic patterns remained. The remainder of the 23,000 sq. ft. floor was recently poured concrete. It also had to be prepped for the FGS PermaShine installation. Weaver went to work on a long and laborious effort to rough grind off the tile patterns and prep the old floor for the higher # grindings.

Blahak commented, “Shawn and crew worked until they got it right. There were some tense moments, but Shawn never gave up hope that this floor was going to be fabulous. They made everything right. We are all very pleased with the final outcome. We love the multi-colored concrete stain selected by our architect. It looks better and better every day. We are cleaning the floor regularly, (with FGS Conditioner) like Shawn instructed, and we can see that the appearance just improves each time. The school board feels that our FGS polished floor will save the district money in long term maintenance costs and look good besides.”

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