New advancements in Durable And Beautiful Seamless Polyaspartic Floor Systems. Here's How It Works:


L&M's exciting PERK! concrete floors with confetti is the perfect way to add color and 3-dimensional drama to satisfy floor owners, designers and spec writers. In addition, contractors will find this product to be a significant new addition to their core business. PERK!, a decorative, simulated granite/terrazzo seamless flooring finish system, can be added to any bare concrete floor. Floor owners will love the many stunning colors and textures that can be theirs with a PERK Floor.

PERK!, the enlightened polyaspartic resin floor system, has 3 times the adhesion and abrasion resistance of standard epoxy floors. In addition, the infused anti-microbial surface is USDA and FDA approved for food service installations. Installers will like the fact that PERK can be applied quickly, with as little as an hour between coats, saving a significant amount of labor during the installation.

How does it work?

PERK is an advanced two-component polyaspartic coating. Historically, polyaspartic resin coatings were used to prevent corrosion on steel structures, such as bridges. Over time, the polyaspartic technology has evolved into the concrete coating industry spanning a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical/health facilities, supermarkets, food processing plants, restaurants, stadiums, public facilities, industrial plants, garage floors, logos, countertops, and countless other applications.The advantages that polyaspartic concrete floors have over other coatings are many, including durability, time savings, reduced life cycle costs, ease of maintenance, versatility, aesthetics and environmental friendliness, just to name a few. Chemically speaking, the effects of polyaspartic resins are 3 times harder than epoxy and have abrasion resistance comparable to MMA (without the unbearable and unmistakable MMA smell). PERK is ideally suited for manufacturing and assembly areas, forklift aisles and loading docks.

PERK floors can withstand constant abuse of heavy loads, impact, forklift traffic and exposure to incidental exposure to acids, caustics and other chemicals. It is also UV stable, so it will never “amber.” PERK! possesses high flexibility, giving it the ability to withstand wide temperature fluctuations after installation. So it is very suitable for food preparation areas where hot water or steam cleaning procedures are used.

Quick and easy installation...

PERK installs quickly so that downtime for most facilities becomes a minimized concern and expense. This is due to the unique curing properties of PERK. Contractors can install a multi-coat system in as little as 3-4 hours. In less than 12 hours the floor can be ready for foot traffic and after 24 hours it's ready to accept vehicle traffic. Floor owners like this fast turn-around system which eliminates excessive downtime. PERK can also be placed in temperatures below freezing, making them ideal for walk-in coolers and freezers. No shutdown of freezer systems are necessary...saving both time and money.

PERK was formulated specifically for facilities in need of concrete floors that are attractive, clean, high-traction and meet local, state, and federal health department regulations and standards. PERK is all of these, and then some!

Polyaspartics are completely non-porous and impervious, making them ideal for food processing and pharmaceutical/heath environments. Seamless flooring systems provide the highest possible levels of sanitation and aesthetics in these sensitive environments. They meet the stringent requirements of the FDA, USDA. PERK is also available in both a solvent-based and non-VOC formula, the latter especially suitable for LEED projects or for solvent sensitive facilities.

Cost, maintenance, and long-term service life

In most cases, material cost per square foot of PERK! matches the cost of a typical epoxy system. However, the true cost of any product can only be determined by its performance and durability over time. PERK! Polyaspartic eliminates the need for many costly repairs. It does not ravel, chalk, disintegrate or become brittle over time. Cleaning costs are dramatically reduced. Floors never need to be waxed or stripped. PERK is known for its long, durable service life which results in minimal life cycle upkeep costs.

Installer-contractors love the short learning curve of the simple installation steps. L&M has designed PERK to bridge the gap between high performance and user-friendliness while retaining all the same benefits of advanced polyaspartic technology. PERK! also offers a line of colors, flakes, quartz and metallic additives that can be used to customize a floor allowing you to have one of the most durable, long lasting, economical and best looking floor coatings around. PERK! will satisfy your owner, specification writer and contractor.

It's easy to be a hero. Installers can add value and beauty to plain concrete floors in just one day.

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