Concrete Visions Inc. takes PERK! installation to new level of personalized creativity at OSU Student Union

One of L&M's most recent product additions, PERK!, is really showing its colors lately. Oklahoma State University's new student union recently received a new PERK! floor, including a personalized OSU school logo. The job was installed by long time, certified L&M products installer, Concrete Visions of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Concrete Visions president, Roy Bowman, commented about this project to the editor. “This job started out as a problem-solution challenge for our company. First, we had to have the PERK! colors custom made to match OSU's registered trademark logo. Next, we added aluminum oxide to the gray color to give it a metallic look, then a traction additive was chosen for safety for all the second and third topcoats. The look of the finished product had a lot of pizzaz!

“The original specification called for bamboo wood to be laid on the stair plinth, but because of its stair's shape, a practical installation method was not found. As an alternative solution, the architect sent out bid request to polish and dye the stairs. Now, we have been installing FGS floors for nearly a decade, and we know from experience that not every floor is a candidate for polishing. Unfortunately, this was one of those exceptions. So, instead, we recommended PERK!”

PERK! is an advanced polysaspartic resin coating that competes very favorably with conventional epoxy coatings on a number of levels. Three of the most commonly cited benefits of PERK! over epoxy coatings include:

  • Three times more durable and abrasion resistant than conventional epoxy coatings.
  • Totally vibrant and non-yellowing colors.
  • Quick install. Cures five times faster than epoxy sealers, which saves contractor installation labor and shortens facility downtime in operating plants.

“The University agreed to PERK!, but only if we could match the school’s logo color scheme, which L&M did.” said Bowman. “We patched all the holes in the stairs. We then lightly ground the entire surface, dying the prepared surface black, using L&M's Black Diamond Vivid Dye. The logo came next with three custom colors and two standard colors, three layers of stencils, and then two topcoats of PERK! clear over the entire plinth. The entire job turned out great and the customer was thrilled with the results of our experience and efforts.”

Concrete Visions is a third generation, family owned flooring contractor. The company has been providing top quality, low maintenance polished and densified concrete floors since 2004, and one of L&M’s premier FGS/PermaShine installers for nearly a decade. Concrete Visions offers many possibilities for floors, from polished and densified, with or without graphics and color, signage and PERK! floor systems.


Roy Bowman, Concrete Visions, Inc.
(918) 557-2333 • e-mail:
4109 S 72nd East Ave • Tulsa, OK 74145-4608

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