Frustration: Clear sealers that Blush on decorative concrete

Distributor counts on product born out of frustration

Rob Byrnes is the owner of DesignCrete of America, a specialty products distribution company located outside Syracuse, New York. As one of an estimated 325 active dealers catering to decorative concrete contractors on the East Coast, Rob has paid his dues over the years. Before founding his company Rob worked for five years learning the business from the slab up. He traveled to contractors' projects around the country, training and supporting the sales of concrete stains, stamping equipment, and sealers to this increasingly important and always creative side of the concrete construction.

After founding DesignCrete of America, Byrnes approached L&M to carry many of their already formulated products which dovetailed into the decorative concrete market. L&M's VOC compliant Dress & Seal water based products, Debond form release, penetrating repellents—Aquapel and Petrotex, and multi-purpose concrete repair product Duracrete were a few he started with.

Byrnes' company evolved through the years of OSHA and EPA-driven VOC environmental regulation changes. This was a challenge to his industry. During this time of VOC change, L&M listened to the frustrations of the decorative concrete Industry leaders like Rob Byrnes looking for effective low-VOC, water-based sealer for exterior decorative applications. At the time there were many different sealers and waterproofing agents on the market, with many of them boasting varying degrees of effectiveness on exterior grey concrete surfaces: walkways, stairs, and exterior pavements. Larry Schwietz, founder of L&M, summed it up like this, “The big problem, both at the time and still to this day, was that your typical water based, low-VOC sealer will “blush white” when exposed to water.” Byrnes added, “Decorative concrete contractors want sealers to accentuate colored concrete, not blush.”

So the search for a suitable product was on. In short order, L&M brought the answer to market: LumiSeal FX. This exclusive L&M pure, non-yellowing acrylic top coat curing and sealing compound highlights and protects the beauty of decorative concrete, without whitening. It's 100% effective, 100% VOC compliant, and 100% color stable in the presence of water.

Rob Byrnes also commented: “Since its introduction, FX has been a real winner for us. We sell a lot of it to the decorative contractors. We carry L&M products exclusively. We have dealt with other companies over the years, but we appreciate the high level of customer service and the consistency and reliability of L&M's products. We can always count on L&M to come through for us.”

Try Lumiseal FX today for outstanding, non-blushing protection and beautiful concrete. Lumiseal FX is another industry innovation from L&M.


Rob Byrnes: Phone 315-423-4100

Marty Harrington, L&M: 518-490-2330

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