Tri Supply & Equipment builds business with teamwork from L&M

Back in 1998 Neal Messick, Dave Curran and Keith Baker were employed by one of the nation's largest construction equipment rental companies. This company also sold concrete construction chemicals to area contractors. Rather that work for a nationally-based company with over 8,000 employees, these men decided to join together as principal partners to form a regional company in which personalized service and close relationships with their customers were their top priority.

During these early years they met Vic Scotese of L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. Vic knew about Neal, Dave and Keith's decision to form their own company and immediately began talks of their becoming a distributor. Vic made them an offer they couldn't refuse and laid the mortar and bricks to make them a preferred L&M products full line distributor. Fourteen years later, Tri Supply has grown to be one of the largest and most successful L&M distributors in their region.

In addition to being a full line concrete construction supplies distributor, Tri Supply & Equipment also carries a complete line of masonry products, excavating and erosion control products, and safety equipment. It also sells and rents construction equipment such as excavators, backhoes, and skid loaders. Currently Tri Supply has grown to over 30 employees. Their main facility is located in New Castle, Delaware with a second thriving location in Salisbury, Maryland.

Messick recently talked about the importance of the three owners' relationship with Vic Scotese and L&M. “Vic's 20 plus years in the industry has given him valuable experience in our business. We owe Vic a lot for his friendship and help in getting us started. Back in 1998, we were the little fish in a big sea. Getting a line of credit with vendors and establishing ourselves for a business loan with the bank was pretty tough. Vic went out of his way for us and vouched on our behalf to the owners of L&M. We will never forget what he did to help launch our company.”

Neal continued, “A few years ago when the construction industry went into decline, we and many companies associated with this industry suffered. We know that some actually went bankrupt or closed their doors. We were lucky because we have a lot of loyal customers and solid relationships with those customers that helped us weather the downturn. In addition, many of our vendors helped us get through. Sure, we had to downsize, close satellite locations and trim employees, but we used that time as one in which we reorganized to become a stronger company, showing healthy growth in the past year. Poised as a leaner and more efficient company, we look forward to 2013 with much optimism. We sincerely thank Vic and all the people we deal with at L&M Corporate for helping our business succeed.”

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