How to connect - Do you run toward new technology, or are you being dragged into it kicking and screaming? Either way, L&M has you covered.

As a leading concrete chemicals manufacturer, L&M Construction Chemicals knows that connecting with our customers is of utmost importance. We spend a lot of time listening to our customers, enabling us to better understand what you face in the world of concrete day-to-day.

You told us you want better product education. You told us you wanted better community built around your projects, supporting you on the really tough jobs. You told us you want product documentation available in multiple formats, when and where you need it, even off-hours. You told us you wanted more How-To's for products. We've listened to you.

Like the world of concrete, the world of conversation evolves. New technologies bring us new tools of communication, augmenting traditional channels. Sure, a phone call usually works to get an answer, but what if you get voicemail? Worse, what if you're working off-hours, and you've hit an impasse? Who is available to help you at 2 in the morning when you need answers? What resources can you rely on for solutions?

We'd like to introduce two new concrete chemicals resources and one greatly enhanced resource: our L&M Facebook page, our L&M YouTube Channel, and our re-designed L&M Web site, Resources that you asked us for, geared around your questions.


You asked us to build an online community around our products where you can interact with our Regional Sales Managers. L&Ms Facebook page is a terrific resource for architects, engineers, distributors, and contractors to do just that. On L&Ms Facebook page, you will discover a trove of helpful resources: videos, conversations, and product-related information designed to help you make more money in less time. The stuff you need to get your job done. Our Regional Sales Managers check the L&M Facebook page regularly and converse with our customers, building community around getting the job done right. Facebook is a terrific way to learn, inform, and easily connect with others.

Please take a moment to add your input to the conversation and to 'Like' us on Facebook.


You asked us for more videos. We listened and took action. Everybody knows that nothing explains things the way video explains things. Thats why we launched L&Ms YouTube Channel.

On our YouTube Channel, you will find installation videos, how-to videos, and product videos. These are designed to educate you about our products, and to help you make an informed decision about your project before you spend money. Be sure to check our YouTube channel regularly as we continue to add more videos.

Updated website

Finally, you asked us for an easier-to-navigate Web site, one that conforms to mobile devices like iPhones and tablets. You asked us to speed it up, enabling you to find what you're looking for faster than ever before. You also asked us for better search results. We listened and redesigned

From project initiation to full production, L&M's new Web site focuses exclusively on the end user. Its primary objective is to help you find what you need immediately. You'll experience this through its simplified navigation, enhanced readability, and new, human-centric search capability. We encourage you to check out our completely redesigned, user-friendly L&M Web site at

And in case you wondered, for the I hate technology! group, and its a large one, real people still answer the phone at L&M.

USA 800-362-3331 Worldwide 203-393-0010

Please let us know what you think and how we can serve you in our partnership to better our world through better concrete.

Jeff Bonkiewicz, Marketing
L&M Construction Chemicals
203-393-0010 1-800-362-3331

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