Blender Group Shines in Mexico

By Jim Vlcek, Editor In Chief

It was back in 1999 that Daniel Marquez met Roberto Rios who was, at that time, the L&M Mexico and Central America Sales Manager. Marquez was soon introduced to L&M President, Greg Schwietz. Roberto had put together that original meeting and later arranged a face-to-face meeting with Greg at the Mexican chapter of The World of Concrete in Mexico City.

Marquez commented, "At that time, I was working for a construction company and always had a dream of starting my own company. Roberto knew of my aspiration and called me to tell me that he had 'the perfect job' for me. Little did I know that he and Greg would ultimately hand me the job of starting my own company as the L&M Mexico Central America Distributor/Representative. Roberto told Greg of my connections here in Mexico and also of my background in the concrete construction products business. A week later I was sitting in the L&M corporate offices in Omaha, Nebraska, meeting with Greg and all the other principals from L&M as they set me up as my own L&M distributor for Mexico. It was a fast process that set my head spinning.

"Soon after I met Greg, I realized that I had just made a lifelong supply connection and true friend. He helped me to make my dreams come true. L&M has given me the very best in products to do the job, technology and great personal support. Since then my company, The Blender Group, has grown immensely and gained a lot of loyal customers due to many reasons...especially tried and true products, to great representation and loyal friendships. It is such a privilege to become part of the L&M group and to feel like I'm 'family.' I owe a lot to the people from L&M.

"All of us here love Greg's sense of humor and how he can put an audience at ease. I remember a funny story when we were representing Greg Schwietz in the Construction Collegio de Ingeniers in the state of Aguascalientes. I was delivering a presentation and introduced Greg, his company and his connection with Blender. He came to the podium and introduced himself, "Hello. My name is Greg Schwietz. I am President of the United..." (silence and lots of internal laughs) ...After catching himself he then said 'President of L&M Construction Chemicals, Incorporated'. We have all been repeating that joke among ourselves for many years now."

The Blender Group manufactures decorative concrete products for the concrete industry where they locally produce and distribute from Leon, Guanjuanto, Mexico. Blender also carries and stocks the entire L&M line which is produced in Omaha, Nebraska. Their customers span across Mexico and Central America.

Daniel continued, "Thanks to L&M, our business has been growing steadily over the years with a lot of international-commercial factories being built within 30-60 minutes of our distribution facility. Companies like Honda, VW, GM, Mazda, Pirelli, and others have decided to locate or expand their manufacturing capacity in Mexico making our business grow in leaps and bounds. Because Leon is located geographically almost directly in the center of the country, we enjoy an efficient distribution location for servicing our customers."

Daniel's business partner in Blender is Omar Sanchez. Both Daniel and Omar are very close in the daily operations and sales duties. Cristo Rangel and Alex Rodriguez, employees of Blender, represent L&M and Blender products at the front end and bring a top level of customer service to their customers.

For more information about Daniel Marquez and Blender products, contact:
Daniel Marquez,
Blender Groupo,
Leon, Guanjuanto, Mexico
(477) 211 14 80, 01 800 727 0323

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