Project statistics

Field & Stream:
Cranberry Township, PA

Concrete Resource, Flint MI

Total Sq Ft:
30,000 sq ft done in 3 Phases

Existing floor age:
Approximately 25 years old

Dick's Sporting Goods

DURAFLOOR HP is a high strength, self leveling concrete overlay topping that is easy to place. DURAFLOOR HP rapidly gains strength to allow pedestrian and vehicle traffic or mechanical polishing within 24 hours after placement. The time-proven benefits of positive bonding and durability assure precise decorative repair of worn and pitted concrete surfaces.

DURAFLOOR HP quickly develops strength and can be dyed with L&M Vivid Dye and polished with L&M's FGS PermaShine Concrete Polishing System, if desired. This attractive, fast curing, fiber reinforced, self-leveling material may be placed in various thicknesses from 3/8 to 2 inches (10-50mm) depth in a single pour. DURAFLOOR HP can be integrally colored for additional decorative effect.

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Project Profile: Field & Stream

The new face of a previous Dick’s Sporting Goods as it is transformed into a 30, 000 square foot Field & Stream retail store in Cranberry Township, PA

Field & Stream Durafloor HP Installation & Polishing

Dick's Sporting Goods needed an answer to competitors Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops in the outfitting space. Field & Stream is that answer. Dick's management decided to retrofit an existing Dick's store into a new retail concept called Field & Stream. The project used much of the existing store architecture and structural elements as the framework for the new outfitter's look and feel. This retrofit is located in Cranberry Township, PA, just 18 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Craig Jared, the L&M regional sales manager on the job, says the existing floor was approximately 25 years old, and was hardened and densified with L&M's Seal Hard. “The existing substrate looks great,” Craig said, “It is a testament to our fabulous Seal Hard product. There was nothing wrong with this floor other than 25 years of normal wear.”

Since the floor owners wanted a different look from the existing substrate, Craig showed them L&M's polishable overlay and wear topping, Durafloor HP. Dick's management liked the idea of its quick turnaround time, its durability, and its polishing qualities. The owners gave them the go-ahead.

Project startup:

The Concrete Resource crew, under the direction of owner John Jared, showed up in Cranberry Township, PA, in early June and began grinding the existing floor, beginning with 30 grit metal segment diamonds. They then vacuumed, broomed, and washed the existing floor. Next, they placed 3/8-inch terrazzo strips, honoring the existing saw cuts. These strips acted as forms for pouring the Durafloor HP wear topping to the desired depth.

The next morning, Concrete Resource began mixing and applying L&M's Epoprime epoxy primer into place. Other crew members trailed those squeegeeing the bonding agent, broadcasting silica sand to refusal. After leaving the sanded Epoprime to cure, the next day, the crew vacuumed the excess sand from the surface.

Left: Inside Field & Stream; Top Right: Working L&M LiON Hard into the surface;
Bottom Right: Brothers Craig and John Jared

Finally, it was time to mix and pour the Durafloor HP overlay. A “Strong” brand grout pump arrived on the job mid-morning. The 50 pound Durafloor HP bags were staged near the hulking pump, opened and the contents were loaded into the pump's hopper. After a few minutes of mixing, the fluid, self-leveling Durafloor HP was pumped through a 1.5” diameter, 250 foot long hose onto the properly prepared and primed surface at a controlled pace. The hose and pump were manned by experienced personnel from Kent Construction, a concrete placement contractor from western Michigan.

As the Durafloor HP flowed from the pump through the hose, it was leveled with gauge rakes, working the overlay in a crosshatch pattern. The Durafloor HP self-leveled from there. The product's high flow and long working time were notable. “This product has excellent flow and workability,” said John Jared. “And the fact that we can polish this within 24 hours if need be is terrific.”

The total pump placement time for the first section, approximately 12,000 square feet, was 2.5 hours. When asked how long it would have taken his team to place it using mixing buckets, Jared replied, “At least 3 days.”

Polishing the Durafloor HP overlay began a few weeks later. John and his crew began the FGS Permashine polishing process.

“We worked our way up the diamond chain, all the way to 800-grit resin-bonded diamonds, which was the finish Dick's management wanted,” said John. “L&M’s LiON Hard and Vivid Dye were used to harden and color the concrete floors.

From there, the floor really began to take shape.

John said he loves it when they put down the final step, a light coat of Lumiseal FX which really causes polished concrete shine to pop. The results showed a vivid, durable and easy-to-maintain floor that the owners love. Field & Stream opened in August, 2013.

John Jared, Concrete Resource
Phone: 517-543-5531

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