Fred Little with his famous 1982 Harley-Davidson 1340cc Low Rider

Harley Low-Rider Passes Away

It brings us great sadness to state that L&M Construction Chemicals' Omaha plant manager, Fred Little, has passed away. He was 51.

In May of this year, Fred suffered a heart attack while at work. While walking through the plant from his car to his office, he felt lightheaded and dizzy. Local EMTs were called and they took Fred to a local hospital.

Arriving in good spirits, doctors examined him and determined that he'd suffered a mild heart attack. More alarming, further tests revealed dangerous blood clots. To eliminate the threat these blood clots posed, the doctors prescribed TPA, a "clot super-buster" drug. Despite the medication, the clots mobilized and unfortunately one went to his brain, creating a stroke. He became unconscious thereafter.

After more evaluations, a neurosurgeon stated he would operate to remove the clot. This was not without great danger, but Fred's family decided to move forward.

The operation, while successful in removing the clot, paralyzed the entire right side of his body. In addition, he lost his speech capabilities.

Despite his best efforts at rehabilitation, Fred's physical and mental condition deteriorated rapidly in mid-October, culminating in his passing.

Fred Little was with L&M for over 25 years, since the early days of production. Fred grew up on an Iowa farm and maintained that fantastic Midwestern work ethic. He expected the same from his coworkers. Always ready with his quick wit, he let you know how he felt, especially if he believed an effort to be sub-standard. Fred never held a grudge. You always knew where you stood with Fred.

Fred became the Omaha plant manager after many years of continued service, and his time in that position helped make L&M Construction Chemicals a World-Class operation.

We will miss him greatly. God bless him and his family.

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