RAP STARS - By Jeff Bonkiewicz

Don’t replace it. RAP (Resurface And Polish) it.

Why polishable concrete overlays?

Pitting. Pop-outs. Scaling. Spalling. Excess cracking. Delamination. Patching all over the place. Those in the concrete business are all too familiar with these concrete problems. While concrete is a fabulous building material, it is not without its flaws. Years and years of foot traffic, impact, and abrasion can really take their toll on a slab. It can only take so much before these surface issues arise. Say a retail floor owner desires a polished concrete floor, but the existing substrate is patched and repaired beyond desirable aesthetics. Experienced polishers know those results won't match the owner's expectations. What other recourse does the floor owner have if they want a highly-refined surface?

Enter polishable concrete overlays. Cementitious overlays are designed to top these concrete problems after they've been addressed. A seasoned concrete polisher knows when an existing substrate is not a good candidate for polishing. A proficient polisher also knows that he can give the floor owner options, one of those being polishable overlays.

How do cementitious overlays work?

These cementitious materials are mixed like regular concrete. They feature extended working time, high compressive strength, and may be polished 24 hours after placement. Concrete contractors love them because of their working time and ease of use. Owners love them for their refined, aesthetically pleasing look, not to mention they're durable and easy to clean. In applications where there are multiple locations, such as in retail, polishing contractors can deliver a consistent look and feel for all store locations.

L&M Construction Chemicals proudly offers two polishable overlays: Durafloor HP and Durafloor TGA.

Durafloor HP polished
to owner specifications

Durafloor HP

Durafloor HP is a high-strength, self-leveling concrete overlay that can be placed at various thicknesses, ranging from 3/8th” to 2”. Durafloor HP can be dyed using L&M's Vivid Dye and polished using L&M's fgsPermashine Polished Concrete System. You can also add decorative aggregate to the overlay. For a project profile featuring Durafloor HP, please read our Field & Stream Durafloor HP Installation & Polishing article on page 4.

To learn more about Durafloor HP, please visit: lmcc.com/products/durafloorhp.asp

Close-up of Durafloor TGA

Durafloor TGA

Durafloor TGA is a decorative, exposed aggregate polishable overlay. This product is all about the look. Floor owners see this and they get it immediately. With a rapid set, Durafloor TGA is poured at 3/8th“ to ½“ thick, cured, then polished using L&M's fgsPermashine Polished Concrete System.

Durafloor TGA has numerous applications, typically wherever the floor owner desires an attractive, decorative, durable, exposed aggregate concrete floor. Examples are commercial lobbies, institutional floors, retail, schools, and theatres.

To learn more about Durafloor TGA, please visit: lmcc.com/products/durafloortga.asp

Whether you are a floor owner or a polishing contractor who desires a solution to existing substrates that are not good candidates for polished concrete due to surface issues, you just found the answer in polishable overlays. If you're a contractor and run into excess patching and pitting, simply sell the floor owner on a polishable overlay product. These cementitious products provide quick installation, durability, beautiful aesthetics, and polishable qualities.

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