Carroll Construction Supply: 59 years and counting

Distributor Profile with Jeremy Schutte, Carroll Construction Supply

Carroll Construction Supply began selling concrete form ties in 1955. Carroll progressed into forming systems, developing into a full-line concrete supply house with 23 locations spanning the Midwest.

Carroll Construction Supply's relationship with L&M spans over 40 years. Carroll had been buying Debond from L&M when Greg Schwietz, president of L&M, called on them as his first sales call in 1974. He must have 'done good' because the relationship blossomed into a full-fledged construction chemicals sales and marketing partnership.

We spoke with Jeremy Schutte, operations manager at Carroll Construction Supply, about its relationship with L&M.

Carroll customers are mainly small to large residential and commercial concrete contractors. There are a few large general contractors as well, catalyzing Carroll's growth.

When customers walk into one Carroll’s stores, they expect excellent customer service, one of their main points of differentiation. They want quality products and the education to back them up. Their customers rely on the long-term relationships they've developed with their Carroll reps. Schutte says they push hard for exceptional customer service. Schutte emphasizes they regularly exceed customer expectations, especially when it comes to solving concrete problems. This creates deep loyalty with their customers and repeat business.

Another differentiating factor for Carroll is their manufacturer relationships, specifically with L&M. Schutte says this has been vitally important to Carroll. Clearly, Omaha has an advantage with local manufacturing. Schutte says L&M has fantastic products and believes in exceptional customer service just like Carroll.

The Midwest L&M Sales Managers, Kevin Cooper, Bill Butler, and Craig Jared, ensure that everyone is educated on the L&M products. Schutte says this is key. The L&M team travels to various Carroll locations regularly, educating Carroll's salesmen as well as concrete contractors on the products and on concrete problems they encounter in the field. Schutte says having the L&M sales team around to answer questions is instrumental to Carroll's success.

A recent EmeryPlate FF installation required a pre-construction, on-site visit in Omaha. The Midwest L&M team consulted on the project, coordinated by Carroll, and provided installation instructions and precautionary steps to make the job successful. The local Carroll rep, Harlen Kittrell, was already well versed with the EmeryPlate FF installation through his years of experience and additional technical education from L&M. This is a brief example of Carroll teaming up with the Midwest L&M team to ensure a successful concrete project before it starts.

Carroll Construction Supply continues to grow, adding a new location in Illinois and one in Indiana over the past year. Carroll's growth has been a big part of president Steve Carroll's vision. He sees opportunities in the market and takes advantage of them. Steve attributes the success of Carroll Distributing & Construction Supply to its people. "We have been extremely fortunate to have attracted and kept the quality of people that we have. The things that we have accomplished would not have been possible without them."

For more information about Carroll Construction Supply, contact:
Jeremy Schutte
Phone: 612-221-4842

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