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Radisson Blu Mall of America
Concrete Contractor:
Concrete Arts
Floor Age:
New Construction
Radisson Hotels
Bloomington, MN
Total Sq Ft:
2,000 in the lobby and Skyway

The Problem:

Mortenson, the general contractor on the eclectic and beautiful Radisson Blu construction project on the south side of the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, had a big concrete problem on their hands.

The concrete recently placed, cured, dyed and polished in the lobby and skyway curled.

Compounding troubles, this new slab was decorative, exposing large aggregate, making it very tough to match up with a new pour or overlay product.

Vexed, Mortenson project managers wondered what to do. This concrete was brand new, appearing beautiful and sound in some areas and curled in others.

The general contractor needed a quick-turnaround solution to the concrete curling and a floor that would closely resemble the large, exposed aggregate appearance.

As usual, in new construction situations, time was of the essence.

L&M Durafloor TGA solved the problem at the Radisson Blu Skyway

The Solution:

The Mortenson project managers called Tom Graf, owner of Hudson, WI, based Concrete Arts. Graf analyzed the job and recommended a decorative, polishable overlay product called Durafloor TGA. This versatile product could be placed in severely curled areas, specifically in the lobby and the skyway—both high traffic areas.

Graf and his crew cut-out the severely curled concrete areas and used a milling machine to create enough surface depth so that the TGA section could be flush with the existing new floor.

From there, they applied an epoxy primer to the properly prepared surface and seeded it with silica sand to rejection. After allowing the sanded epoxy to dry, the excess aggregate was vacuumed and broomed from the surface. Concrete Arts then placed and cured the Durafloor TGA overnight. The next night, the overlay was ground down to a full polish. It was then dyed to match the existing concrete's color.

By recommending and placing the decorative Durafloor TGA overlay, Concrete Arts' crew enabled Mortenson to complete the new construction project on time with a match that exceeded the owner’s expectations.

The Radisson Blu Mall of America opened in March 2013.

Click here for photos of Durafloor TGA at Mall of America

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