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-Greg Schwietz, Publisher
L&M Concrete News

How's that growth plan working for you?

Odd, but that is exactly the question that is going on in my mind… a plan for growth. Growth insinuates change, and change insinuates pain for gain or some greater good. And, as we all know, among the great maxims of life…(aside from the one that says concrete will always crack)…the sages remind us that the one thing that can always be counted on is change.

As a company owner, I have had the great opportunity to partially determine my company's destiny — well, at least influence it — since there are always factors beyond any owner's control that can only be acknowledged, admired, or cursed, but clearly beyond any influence. An analogy might be the control a poker player has on playing a particular hand: while there is little influence on the exact selection or combination of cards, the playing of those cards is entirely in the control of the player. Then, once the play has been executed, the reaction, the joy, the sorrow, the pain is experienced.

Today, with this new issue of Concrete News, I use my familiar pulpit to announce to those few who remain uninformed, and those who are partially informed, that L&M has recently been acquired by LATICRETE International, an internationally acclaimed manufacturer of flooring materials, family-owned, based in Bethany, Connecticut.

After over 50 years of being part of the concrete construction world, L&M must now reinforce its standing and attempt to insure its survivability as a trusted brand into the unknown of the future. As a second generation owner, I have been blessed to work with my father, my brother, my wife and my son in this family business, and with a host of non-family members, with whom over the 40 years I have been working, have been nothing but family. But, alas, the cards change, the future becomes less predictable, and it becomes my responsibility to consider the future, to play the best hand I can.

After much thought and family discussion, it is now time to say good-bye to the entity long known as L&M Construction Chemicals and pass it on to a stronger partner, LATICRETE International; a company who, I believe, best matches L&M's long time commitment to customers and high quality, innovative industry products. The integration of the two company's salesforces and technical expertise is moving forward and, once completed, we believe that we will be able to best answer the needs of you, our trusted concrete industry customers and friends.

To you all, readers of Concrete News and concrete industry customers and friends I say, “Thank you.” To my new friends at LATICRETE, I say, “Welcome to a great industry.” Together we will yet again reform ourselves for the better, executing a strategy for growth, growth for better concrete and for a better world.

If one is going to have a goal, it might as well be a big one. That's what we do, and that's what we do best.

Greg Schwietz

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