Stu Wood (L) and Greg Schwietz (R)

Congratulations to Stu Wood for 20 Great Years!

Stu Wood, the L&M Chief Chemist, just celebrated his 20th anniversary with the company last summer. Stu oversees all construction chemical testing, competitive testing, and technical support calls from the field.

After serving our country in the U.S. Air Force for 21 years, Stu decided to put his University of Iowa chemistry education to the test and came to L&M as a chemist. He started out testing various concrete chemical formulations, learning and tinkering in the lab.

L&M Construction Chemicals' founder, Larry Schwietz and former L&M president, Greg Schwietz, were instrumental in cultivating the environment for Stu to succeed. Stu played an important role in developing popular, market-proven L&M products, such as EMERYTOP 400™, DURATOP HP™, FASTRAK™ and DURAPATCH™ VOH.

Stu wears multiples hats at L&M and is always quick to answer technical questions both from colleagues and from the field.

Thank you, Stu, for your exceptional, 20+ year contribution to the L&M Team!

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