Product Spotlight: Installing The World's Toughest Floor - EmeryTop 400™

L&M EmeryTop 400™ Product Spotlight – Volusia County Waste Transfer Station

Orlando-based Cornerstone Construction has an ongoing L&M EMERYTOP 400TM installation waste transfer station project located in Melbourne, FL. Cornerstone has many years of experience placing L&M EMERYTOP 400, and the contractor's clients have enjoyed great success with the product's durability and protection against abrasion, impact, and chemical attack.

Who was it for?

Volusia County waste transfer station. 4,000 sq ft. area of the floor.

What is the contract?

5 year continuing contract that Cornerstone Construction won from RFQ and proposal.

What was the surface preparation?

Remove top 1” of concrete. Clean & prep the surface.

Bonding agent used:

L&M EPOBONDTM, 100% solids epoxy binder.

Amount of material placed:

40,000 lbs. of L&M EMERYTOP 400

Curing compound used:

L&M DRESS & SEAL WB 30TM. Then, covered with water-curing sheeting.

Product placement:

The placement went great. Cornerstone closed the area down, and worked regular hours. The waste transfer station stayed open during prep and placing of L&M EMERYTOP 400 as they worked the project in phases. The surface cured, and then returned to service.

What are the results?

The client is happy. The floor has experienced minimal wear, even the areas placed 4 years ago. The paste is nearly gone, but the floor is performing as expected. L&M EMERYTOP 400 provides an exceptionally durable surface, even in the harshest conditions such as a waste transfer station.

Prep begins by scarifying surface. Scarifier attached to skid-steer loader.

L&M EMERYTOP 400 is bonded to existing concrete with L&M Everbond™.

L&M EMERYTOP 400 “Super-Sacks” mixed with concrete mixing truck.

Placement of L&M EMERYTOP 400™.

Finishing L&M EMERYTOP 400 with power-trowel

L&M EMERYTOP 400: The World’s Toughest Floor

See Cornerstone's L&M EMERYTOP 400TM installation video at


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