By Jeff Bonkiewicz

Project Profile - Amphenol Aerospace Manufacturing

Sydney, NY

LeChase Construction

FGS Installer:
The MJA Company

Total Sq Ft:
200,000 sq ft

Amphenol Aerospace Manufacturing


The FGS Permashine®System: FGS PermaShine renews existing concrete floors that are dusting, worn, pitted and otherwise suffering from years of use and abuse, restoring them to an attractive, light reflective, and durable polished finish.

FGS HARDENER PLUS is a proprietary, chemical hardening solution that is formulated to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of concrete floors that have been mechanically ground, smoothed, and polished. When used in conjunction with the patented FGS PERMASHINE® FLOOR POLISHING PROCESS, FGS HARDENER PLUS penetrates diamond ground and polished concrete wear surfaces to harden, seal, densify, and waterproof them. Polished concrete floors treated with FGS HARDENER PLUS last longer than conventional concrete floors, cost less to maintain, reflect light better, hold a shine longer, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for a minimum of ten years. FGS HARDENER PLUS is a water-based, VOC-compliant, odorless and environmentally safe component of this process.

Find complete information about the fgsPermaShine polished concrete floor system at

Photo: FGS HARDENER PLUS in staging area as floor is prepared for treatment.

-Sydney, NY

In the spring of 2013, LeChase Construction, the general contractor on the Ampehnol Aerospace Manufacturing project, contacted The MJA Company, asking them to submit a polished concrete proposal. The spec called for a polished concrete contractor to take a freshly placed slab in a new building to a 400 grit sheen level, perfect for an industrial warehouse. There were a total of 12 qualified polishing proposals submitted.

In early 2014, The MJA Company crew participated in several pre-construction meetings—including a pre-pour—that were vital to the successful outcome. Additionally, the team performed on-site mockups for the owner, architect, and general contractor.

The general contractor selected The MJA Company for the job based upon their 16 years of polishing experience, their reputation of excellent craftsmanship, and the results of their mockups. Vic Scotese, Technical Sales Rep, got L&M FGS PERMASHINE™ polished concrete system in the specification, and Marty Harrington, Technical Sales Rep for New York, helped secure the job.

The project schedule was tight—the timeline called for 200,000 sq. ft. of concrete be polished and approximately 30,000 ln. ft. of control joints be filled, with over 1,000 ln. ft. of perimeter joints and diamonds around columns. Project staff included 10 field personnel and working supervisors. Project managers scheduled polishers to work in 2 shifts of 10 hours each. Fully cognizant of this very demanding project schedule, the company made sure that every team member was home each weekend.

After the pre-con work was complete, the team went to work on the 90 day cured slab. The crew filled saw cuts, big cracks, and cold joints with L&M JOINT TITE 750™ polyurea joint filler. A leaky roof allowed some water to drip down onto the new slab, so they patched these bad areas with L&M DURAFLOOR HP™, a polishable wear topping.

Once the slab's imperfections were corrected, it was ready for polishing. After some experimentation, the crew decided on the following diamond grit sequence: 100 resins wet, followed by 200 resins wet, then 400 resins dry. Some floor areas required 50 resins wet, continuing on to the rest of the diamond sequence.

“The general contractor selected The MJA Company for the job based upon their 16 years of concrete experience, their reputation of excellent craftsmanship, and the results of their mockups.”

All resins were SASE's Zenith pads. After the 400 resins, the surface was hardened, densified, and dustproofed with two coats of L&M FGS HARDENER PLUS™. Finally, the crew applied L&M PERMAGUARD™ to protect the new floor from staining. The polishing crew stated that the ease of the L&M FGS PERMASHINE™ products helped the project run smoothly and on time.

The polishing equipment used on the project included: 2 SASE 780 machines and 1 PDG 8000 with vacuums, 1 Tennant 8200 ride-on and 2 Tennant 5700 walk-behind machines, 2 burnishers and 2 AST GMP025 joint pumps.

Photos: (Top) Grinding to 400 resins dry. (Bottom) Applying FGS HARDENER PLUS.
(Right) Portion of 200,000 square foot installation

The key success factor in this polishing job was excellent communication among all the stakeholders involved, including the manufacturer, the distributor, the general contractor, the owner, the project managers and site supervisors. This allowed everyone to be on the same page and ensure timely project completion under a difficult deadline. The MJA Company’s Mark Finch did an excellent job of coordinating and facilitating this communication.

Marty Harrington sums up the Amphenol FGS polished concrete project as follows: “The Amphenol FGS PERMASHINE was by far the largest polished concrete flooring project I have ever been involved with, and it went off without a hitch. It was a pleasure to work with Mark, Tim, Landrey and the rest of The MJA crew and witness the expertise with which they performed. It has already resulted in additional projects being awarded where we can continue to work together.”

The Amphenol floor opened for service in March 2014.

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