Distributor Profile: ACF Distribution—Farmingdale, NY

ACF Distribution, Inc. is a 35 year-old building materials distributer that focuses on servicing installation professionals, designers, property management professionals, and architects. The company has a 6,000 sq ft warehouse fully stocked and ready to serve its customers. ACF's main product focus is on self-leveling materials, toppings, and micro-toppings. Additionally, they deal in stone-based products. Anything to do with the flooring trade, ACF Distribution has it. ACF has an outside technical sales team and an inside technical sales team. The company serves New York's five boroughs, northern and central New Jersey, and lower Connecticut.

We talked with Phil Emond, President and Owner of ACF Distribution about its customers, its markets, and its relationship with LATICRETE.

Before becoming involved in the flooring materials business, Phil was in business turnaround management with a background in industrial engineering. After many years of working in the turnaround area, he grew tired of being a paid mercenary. In 2004, he decided to get involved in the building materials space and buy ACF Distribution. He picked this business for a variety of growth reasons. He has a history of running big manufacturing companies, and now applies those skills to ACF.


Phil says the ACF team prides itself on technical support. Phil ensures his team is well trained and provides exceptional customer and product support. They are available for job estimates and to help at final installation. The entire sales staff can handle anything on-site. Phil makes sure that his salespeople know the product lines as they bring them on-board. Also, they'll extend business hours well beyond the norm to take care of people. As Phil says, "We're not a Home Depot here. We provide technical solutions and products that match the solutions."

He continues, "We maintain a number of lines. These lines solve specific problems. All of ACF's sales staff are trained and have extensive backgrounds in the industry. We also ensure we maintain strong partnerships over the years. Our reputation on serving customers' needs is outstanding. If we need to be open in the middle of the night if somebody needs something, we'll do it."

ACF Distribution has earned an excellent reputation for quality and service. Phil recently had an emergency job in Manhattan on a Friday night in one of the financial district buildings. There was an infrastructure issue that needed repaired before opening back up to traffic first thing Monday morning. The repairmen called Phil late Saturday night, saying they needed product by 6 AM on Sunday morning to start repairs. Phil's team loaded the truck at 3 AM on Sunday morning, and had the product delivered by 6 AM that same morning. That's the level of service ACF provides to their customers.


When Phil took over the business, it was 90% oriented to the retail-type trades. Now, ACF Distribution is 80% commercial and 20% retail. They've switched around their markets. Additionally, the company has switched more toward specified-type of products, like those offered by LATICRETE.

Phil states, "LATICRETE has an outstanding reputation. We've had nothing but success with any of their divisions we've worked with. Whether it is DRYTEK™, SPARTACOTE™, or L&M™, we've received outstanding support from these guys. We got on with SPARTACOTE™ most recently, and their technical team got ACF's sales team trained immediately. The SPARTACOTE™ guys' level of professionalism was incredible. The LATICRETE product line is broad, and allows us to offer more to our customers. Much bigger things are coming over the next couple of years."

Phil is an enthusiastic promoter of LATICRETE technical service rep Tom Leahy. Phil says, "Tom is a fantastic guy. From a professional point of view, if I need Tom on the job site, he'll be there. If I called him at 10 o'clock at night, and said I need him at 11:30 that night, he'll make it happen. Tom is very well respected in the industry. Everyone has only positive things to say about him. Every time we turn around and need tech support, Tom is there. Tom jumps in and finds the answer and if he doesn't know, he gets the right people on the phone and they help deliver the answer. I can't say enough good things about him. He just says, ‘Fine. I'll be there.' In New York, that is really important."

Phil Emond, President & Owner
ACF Distribution
125 Carolyn Boulevard
Farmingdale, NY 11735

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