Greg's Corner: Concrete Durability Front and Center

I have been looking forward to this issue of Concrete News for a while. Let’s face it: we have a problem in this county with concrete durability. With all the advancements of concrete and cement technologies, concrete is still “fabricated” on site. Each job brings its own challenges: A new crew, a new weather pattern, a new unknown. And while experience will mitigate some of the risks of unforeseen challenges in the field, many times we have to ask ourselves, are we really learning? Those 30 years of experience that you are so proud of – are they 30 years of continuous learning? Or are your guys simply repeating their first year over and over? Groundhog Day, so to speak, only it’s our business we are talking about.

This issue of Concrete News brings problems and solutions with concrete durability front and center. While some solutions are product related, these answers involve many steps. The process includes the right mix design, the right water cement ratio, protection from the elements during placement, proper curing, and lastly, products designed to improve the inherent weakness of concrete against its operational conditions, including abrasion and freeze/thaw protection. No single one thing brings home the best concrete. Good concreting requires a commitment, a discipline to the details. Whether it is residential or industrial construction, new or renovation, concrete fundamentals apply and must be respected. We know how to do it—but are we willing to do what it takes?

As always, we are happy to contribute to the ever-growing body of knowledge available to you, the concrete professional. Articles regarding surface durability, surface appearance, surface safety, and surface protection fill these pages. In addition, since we have been one of the first companies to promote polished concrete worldwide, our experienced installers continue to lead the pack and delight us with outstanding, award-winning installations on new and renovated polishing projects. We’ve included a few profiles in this issue for you to see how we are stretching your concrete expectations.

Thank you for your continued interest in LATICRETE L&M products. We are happy to help you make your next concrete project your best—with knowledge, dedication and proper materials.

- Greg Schwietz

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