Continuing Education

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has recognized L&M Construction Chemicals as a registered Passport Provider. Under the provisions of the AIA Continuing Education System (CES), the L&M programs listed below are based on contact hours. Many holders of professional engineering and architectural licenses have found these programs helpful in meeting the professional development hour requirements for license renewal. These programs will be conducted at your company's office to eliminate travel time. L&M currently offers AIA/CES registered programs on the following subjects:

Concrete Basics is a one-hour program addressing the interaction of materials used in concrete.

Concrete Concepts is L&M's most in-depth program. It covers both the course material of Concrete Fundamentals in greater detail and an additional section on superflat floors. This is a four-hour program.

Structural Grout addresses the specification, placement and application of non-shrink cementitious and epoxy grouts. This one-hour program discusses the latest specifications from ASTM and state-of-the-art placement technology from ACI.

Concrete Problems and Solutions is a popular one-hour program that discusses the causes and solutions for the most common problems that occur in concrete. Among the topics covered are cracking, dusting, delamination and bug holes.

Flat Floors is a one-hour program covering the construction of flat and super-flat floors, the F-numbers system, and the rules for obtaining flat floor measurements. The finishing techniques that are required to produce a superflat floor are also covered here.

Myths and Misconceptions is a quick-moving program that addresses the characteristics and chemical makeup of chemical hardeners. This one-hour program also covers the "near surface wear zone," the causes and cures of micro-pitting, installation methods and the optimum time of application. Other topics in this program include the use of chemical hardeners with shake-on floor hardeners, and placement techniques found to ensure maximum protection.

Bare Concrete Floors presents the many possibilities of concrete as a natural, durable and aesthetical wear surface. This one-hour program briefly addresses the how-to's of chemical hardeners and the exciting possibilities of concrete staining and polishing. Also, included is a thorough discussion of the maintenance savings of concrete floors over vinyl composition tile and thin film coatings.

Each of these classroom programs is designed to benefit both the novice and experienced user/specifier about concrete and its properties. Thanks to the effective use of PowerPoint® and a comprehensive workbook, each program is fact-filled and fast-paced.

L&M welcomes your inquiries about its AIA (CES) Passport Provider programs.

These classes are also available for regional or local chapter meetings.

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