EmeryTop 400 is the world's toughest floor.

Multiply the service life of your transfer station tipping floors with the world's toughest concrete topping.

No other type of concrete floor needs the degree of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, or chemical resistance as your transfer station tipping floor or heavy-traffic industrial floor.

EmeryTop 400 floors are the toughest floors in the world. This isn't hype. It's a fact, and we can prove it. EmeryTop 400 was developed for the solid waste industry's transfer station tipping floors.

EmeryTop 400 is also the best choice for any floor subject to high point loads, high impacting loads and high abrasion. EmeryTop 400 is an excellent choice for floors subject to heavy machinery with cleats of pan type track. The non-metallic, non-rusting EmeryTop 400 topping is effective indoors and outdoors.

Why do other toppings fail?

Other toppings address only impacting loads and abrasion. They don't address one of the most important causes of early topping failure: Chemical Attack.

EmeryTop 400 is chemically engineered to combat common chemicals that destroy the cement paste holding the aggregate in place. These include milk, vinegar, urine, animal fat and most household chemicals--all common in solid waste. Once the cement paste is destroyed, the aggregate is lost.

EmeryTop 400 can be placed over existing concrete floors or freshly placed concrete. The average thickness of placement is between ¾ inch and one inch (or more if required).

Why are EmeryTop 400 floors so tough?

EmeryTop 400 has twice the abrasion resistance of iron toppings and other emery toppings. Emery aggregate is the toughest aggregate is the world with a mohs hardness of 9. (A diamond has a mohs hardness of 10.)

Most metallic aggregates have a mohs hardness of about 7 to 7 ½.

The major difference between EmeryTop 400 and other toppings is how EmeryTop 400 is chemically engineered to resist chemical attack.

Emerytop 400 chemically reinforces the cement paste against chemical attack, which doubles the abrasion resistance when compared to other emery toppings and iron toppings. This synergy between the emery aggregate and the chemically resistant cement paste that gives EmeryTop 400 its very high abrasion resistance.

Why EmeryTop 400 and Not Other Toppings?

How can I have an EmeryTop 400 floor installed?

L&M has trained a number of concrete contractors in the proper procedure for placement of EmeryTop 400. These skilled crews can schedule the work in a manner that will have the lowest impact on your operation, and will give you a turnkey price. Should you want to use your own concrete contractors, at no cost L&M will have a factory-trained expert at the job site the day of the placement of the EmeryTop 400.

Multiply the service life of your transfer station tipping floors with the world's toughest concrete topping:
Designed specifically for the solid waste industry.

Protect against abrasion

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See How Emerytop 400 Protects Your Floor From Attack

There are three kinds of attacks against your floor:
1. Abrasion
2. Impact, and
3. Chemical Attack

Each of these attacks destroy heavy-use solid waste and industrial floors every day. Combined, the threat against your floor is nothing less than deadly.

Only EmeryTop 400's unparalleled 3-stage protection slows these combined attacks.

That means at least doubling the service life of your floor surface when compared against concrete and other heavy-duty high-strength toppings.

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Protects Your Floor From
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See How EMERYTOP 400
Protects Your Floor From
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See How EMERYTOP 400
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