Chemical Hardener and Dustproofer

Product Description

CHEM HARD chemically reacts with soft free lime and calcium carbonate compounds in concrete forming dense, insoluble, chemically resistant flint-like surfaces. CHEM HARD is a VOC-compliant, colorless solution of a carefully controlled concentration of 100% active sodium silicate chemicals with a non-acid penetrant. CHEM HARD may be applied to fresh or hardened concrete as a chemical hardener and dustproofer.

Basic Use: CHEM HARD is recommended for light industrial plants, warehouses, laundries, as well as in food storage plants and bakeries. It is also appropriate for areas with frequent foot traffic such as civic centers, sports arenas, stadiums and other commercial buildings.

Features and Benefits

  • Alow cost treatment of exposed concrete surfaces.
  • Residue-free surface allows bond of varied paints, adhesives or toppings.
  • Low odor. No solvent vapors.
  • Fast drying.

Short Spec:

033000- Chemical hardener. Clear, VOC compliant chemical hardener. Five year warranty against dusting. Two coats required. “CHEM HARD” by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

May 2, 2008