Single Component, Decorative, Rapid Setting, Polishable Wear Topping

Product Description

DURAFLOOR TGA is a unique blend of cements, polymers, color and mineral aggregates to be used to resurface existing concrete surfaces. It combines the durability of concrete with color and decorative aggregate to produce a high-performance floor with enduring beauty. Durafloor TGA floors are trowel applied 3/8' to thick, cured, then polished.

Basic Use: Use wherever you want and attractive, exposed colored concrete floor such as commercial lobbies, institutional floors, shopping centers, schools, theaters, and restaurants.

Durafloor TGA may also be used as a concrete patch and repair material, fixing spalls, pop-outs, pitting, and spalling of various sizes. The repair material can then be dyed and polished to closely resemble existing concrete surfaces.

Close-up of Durafloor TGA

Features and Benefits

  • Creates a highly polished surface
  • Perfect for concrete repair in small and wide patching areas
  • Built-in permanent color and texture
  • Reduces surface wear and dusting
  • Resembles concrete
  • Breathable

Photo Gallery

Radisson Blu at the Mall of America

November 5, 2013