Rapid Set, Patching Mortar

Product Description

DURAPATCH HIWAY is a one-component, fiberreinforced, rapid strength-gaining cement based patching system. This durable cement patch contains the necessary ingredients to assure rapid strength, sulfate resistance, elevated temperature stability, superior bondability and increased flexural and tensile strengths.

Basic Uses: The time-proven benefits of non-shrink, positive bonding, rapid strength, and freeze-thaw stability of DURAPATCH HIWAY assures trouble-free, precise patch repairs of parking decks, bridge decks, utilities, highways, bridge structures and ramps. The non-metallic, non-staining and rapid strength assure a concrete repair patch for use in highly humid, cool and wet conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid strength gain.
  • Just add water.
  • Fast turn over of repair area.
  • Excellent freeze/thaw properties.
  • Flowable consistency.
  • Only air curing required.

Short Spec:

039920: Concrete Patching and Resurfacing: Rapid set, cement-based, repair mortar, minimum 2500 psi (17 mpa) in two (2) hours. “DURAPATCH HIWAY” by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

May 5, 2008