Flowable Emery Topping for High Wear, Extreme Heavy Duty Floors

Product Description

For the most abrasion resistant, heavy duty floor topping, we recommend EMERYTOP400. This flowable, natural emery aggregate floor topping produces a very durable floor. EMERYTOP400 provides an economical, abrasion resistant solution to very severe and abusive concrete floor conditions where other solutions have failed.

EMERYTOP400 uses polyhederal shaped isostructures of emery as its primary aggregate base. Our natural emery aggregate contains nature's highest content of aluminum oxide and ferric oxide for unsurpassed toughness. This unique aggregate has a hardness (Mohs scale rating) approaching that of industrial diamonds. EMERYTOP400 produces a dense, cohesive mass that is rust-free, chemically resistant and results in a thick floor surface for maximum abrasion and impact resistance. EMERYTOP400 floors are also resistant to the destructive attacks of mild organic acids, alkalis and oils.

EMERYTOP400 outperforms normal concrete and high strength iron topping floors. EMERYTOP400 resists moisture deterioration, and is harder and more abrasion resistant than iron aggregate toppings. Its unique formulation provides a substantial savings in material cost when compared to iron toppings. In addition to superior performance, EMERYTOP400's flowable formulation can be placed and finished like concrete. These superior physical properties make EMERYTOP400 an excellent choice for heavy duty industrial service Class 6 and 7 floors, as described by ACI in its Manual of Concrete Practice standard,ACI 302.1R.


EMERYTOP 400, The World’s Toughest Floor

If you’re in the waste transfer business or dealing with heavy industrial, you need a floor that laughs at brutality and eats impact, abrasion, and chemical abuse for breakfast. You need a floor that will tame the beast. You need Emerytop 400. The World’s Toughest Floor.

Beauty and the Beasts details three of the most dangerous attacks on waste transfer, tipping, and heavy industrial floors. Complete with independent test data, comparisons, and real-world photos, this guide is a must for architects, engineers, project managers, floor owners, and maintenance departments who want to know more about the World’s Toughest Floor.

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Basic Use

EMERYTOP400 contains natural emery aggregates which contain a minimum of 58% natural aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide aggregate, the hardest mineral approaching diamonds, reinforces concrete floors by developing a dense, long lasting, abrasion and impact resistant floor to withstand the most severe wear conditions. Use EMERYTOP400 in key areas subject to heavy traffic, impact abrasion and continuous wear such as resource recovery plants, tipping floors, roll-off areas, foundries, loading docks, truck, tractor and auto installation and repair areas, mill scale sluiceways, smelters, machinery manufacturing plants and generating stations. EMERYTOP400 unique nonrusting formula is ideal for outside loading docks and industrial plants using chemicals. Use EMERYTOP400 on floors requiring optimum surface density to resist mild industrial chemical penetration.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast turn around for weekend shut downs.
  • Increases concrete wear resistance up to eight times.
  • Easy application, new flowable consistency.
  • Significant cost savings over iron toppings.
  • Resists severe single point impacts.
  • High density-resists industrial contaminants.
  • Rust-free service - inside or outside applications.

December 13, 2012