Moisture-Insensitive, 100% Solids, High-Mod Epoxy Adhesive

Product Description

EPOBOND is a 100% solids, high-modulus epoxy adhesive used to bond fresh concrete to hardened concrete; steel to fresh or hardened concrete; as a grout for anchor bolts, dowels and rebar; as a binder for epoxy concrete, and for bonding other dissimilar materials.

EPOBOND is a two component epoxy compound formulated for the purpose of bonding concrete to concrete or masonry. Its chemically controlled modulus of elasticity allows flexibility of movement compatible with concrete. The bond strength is such that separation will only occur by breaking either the old or the new concrete.

EPOBOND is resistant to water and many chemicals. It is unaffected by continued exposure to salts, alkalis, acids or solvents.

EPOBOND lends itself to bonding wear courses of concrete to pre-formed concrete structural members, reducing required thickness to lower weights and costs.

EPOBOND is the epoxy binder with controlled flexibility for high strength bonding, minimum creep and deflection, and built in “give” to take the stress of impact loading and thermal change.

Basic Use: EPOBOND reduces wicking action of concrete overlay gauging water into old slabs while reducing shrinkage cracks. EPOBOND prevents starved glue lines between epoxy grouts, patching compounds and high strength toppings and is appropriate for anchor bolts, dowels and rebar.

May 19, 2011