High Flow, High Strength Epoxy Machine-Base Grout For Pours Up to 8 (20.3 cm)

Product Description

EPOGROUT 758 is a three-component, flowable, epoxy- based grout that produces high performance strength and chemical inertness.

EPOGROUT 758 is scientifically formulated with a high aggregate to resin ratio to provide high strength while allowing easy flowable placement. contains a carefully selected combination of epoxy resins and aggregate fillers which provides beneficial physical properties such as, resistance to chemical and physical degradation, resistance to creep, and excellent adhesion to both steel and concrete. EPOGROUT 758's 100% epoxy resin base provides alignment that is precise and permanent for equipment and machinery. EPOGROUT 758 is unaffected by oils, water, most chemicals and develops rapid strength gain to allow quick return of vital equipment to service.

Basic Use: Using EPOGROUT 758 means trouble-free grout performance. In steel mills use as a foundation grout under crushers, ball mills, rod mills, slab tables, and heavy equipment. In gas transmission companies use in placing compressor engines requiring precise, permanent alignment. Other EPOGROUT 758 applications include: grouting original installations of heavy equipment such as compressors, pumps, engines and other machinery; grouting railroad, subway and crane rails; sole plates and anchor bolts; repairing cracked foundations; in pipelines, sewage plants or other areas where rapid strength and chemical resistance are critical. EPOGROUT 758 is also recommended for encapsulation of columns and piles.

Features and Benefits

  • Flowable for easy placement.
  • Very low peak exotherm.
  • Fast cure and high early strength.
  • Low creep/high modulus of elasticity.
  • Fast turnaround projects.
  • High compressive strength.

December 10, 2012