Non-Slip Aluminum Oxide Floor Treatments

Product Description

GRIP IT is a natural mineral emery-magnetite non-slip aggregate. GRIP IT consists of more than 56% aluminum oxide and 24% ferric oxide.

GRIP IT AO is a highly refined, scientifically manufactured mineral aggregate hardener. It contains over 95% pure aluminum oxide, and provides the highest level and longest lasting abrasion resistance.

GRIP IT and GRIP IT AO are dry mixtures of mineral aggregates and contain no portland cement. GRIP IT and GRIP IT AO will not rust or stain surfaces and can be used on outside, as well as inside surfaces.

Basic Use: GRIP IT and GRIP IT AO are designed to provide non-slip properties for new single course concrete floors or two course floors with a minimum 1 inch (25mm) properly bonded new concrete topping. GRIP IT reinforces normal concrete floor hardness developing more abrasion resistance to heavy traffic for longer floor life. GRIP IT is suitable for dairies, meat and food processing facilities, industrial buildings, garages and stair wells where slippery surfaces increase hazards for people and vehicles.

Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting.
  • Positive non-slip.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Extends life of non-slip concrete finishes.

May 2, 2008